First timer, advice on the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (32 or 250 Ohms)
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Hey guys, got myself the DT770 Pro 80 Ohms model :) , very pleased with them. I'm hearing new sounds in my old songs that I've never heard before. Detail is very good, so is the separation. The bass is more than enough for me, and it's really there if the track actually has it. Overall I'm glad I decided to buy these.
How much do they take to burn in guys?

For 80 ohms, I still have about a 50-40% of volume reserved on foobar. So I believe I'd be better off with a DAC or at least a DAC/Amp combo. What would you recommend under 150-200 dollars? FiiO e17 Alpen?

Yea the E17 is a pretty good DAC amp Combo.  I've not tried it myself, but to use the DAC in the E17 be sure ur using the USB connector!
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Sure thing! I think I read that it has a S/PDIF connection. But my notebook doesn't have one. Would a USB to S/PDIF adapter increase the quality a little or I wouldn't notice a thing?

If your USB connection functions properly, switching to S/PDIF can't improve the sound. It just delivers, in principle, the same bits using a different package.
(Plus, USB to S/PDIF adapters don't have the best of reputations. I don't have any experience with them.)
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Sure thing! I think I read that it has a S/PDIF connection. But my notebook doesn't have one. Would a USB to S/PDIF adapter increase the quality a little or I wouldn't notice a thing?

I wouldn't use SpDif with a low quality DAC/Amp like the E17 [sorry if that sounds harsh] so USB out should be just the same, on a positive note I found the Spdif out Port on the back of my mobo yesterday :D, but I ofc want to buy a Seperate DAC and Amp to drive some 600 ohms cans! 
But I've thought about the dt 990 pro with the E17, that really gives you the option to cool dwn the trebele if you need to! 
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Just mentioning that since Mshenay thought using the optical on the E17 wasn't a good idea. The E17 sounds great off either input. It's a fantastic DAC/AMP for the money.
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Just mentioning that since Mshenay thought using the optical on the E17 wasn't a good idea. The E17 sounds great off either input. It's a fantastic DAC/AMP for the money.

Yea USB is fine as it's technically the same as optical. FOr me though, since I Have SpDif Optical out I'm opting to skip right over the e17 and buy a seperate DAC and Amp... although I may get the E17 in all honesty... seeing as it is a GREAT combo and it would be better than what I currently have. It would definatley give me something nice until I can afford to make a BIG upgrade! 
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I have had the DT-990 Pro 250 OHM now for a few days and love them with my XDuoo X3 its a whole new sound stage to me. Comfy for hours of listening and just wonderful in my eyes/ears.


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Considering these myself . The 250 ohm is the same price as the 32 ohm , from what I've been able to find . Would these provide more low end "thump" than my HD 598 SE's ? I like the sound , just not too crazy about their lack of bass , which is why I returned to my HD 280's , The more I read about the 990 Pro's , the more I'm interested .  Anyhow , should I get the 250 ohm 990's (which are basically the same in price as the HD 380's that I've considered) , I will , at least for a bit , run them through the headphone jack on my speakers control pod (Boston Acoustics BA7900) . Been trying to determine if the jack is amped or not , to no avail .  When the time comes , I will probably get the Magni 2 .
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hei guys, first of all, new one here, kinda late post, but I was reading all these posts, and lots of them talk about ohm and how loud, better, precise they would be, trust me on THIS one, go to your closest ear doctor and clean your ear (WAX)(no sarcasm). you will be able to detect sounds you never thought you would.($25) it makes the DIFFERENCE. more than 15 years ago I did it every 3 months working in laboratory where developing speakers, and spending your daily routine listen lots of them behind drape. cleaning things addresses to everything, including ears. every MBP with entry level fiio K1($40) & DT 990 pro 250ohm($150) will sound .....well.... that's for you to decide. AWSOME bang for the buck, and you know, if you spend 10x more you will only get at most 5% better. audio thing. there is point where STATUS (I have) plays bigger role. lets not involve 50K lamp amps and 7K headphones. just basic mathematics, spend 6x more, it will sound 6x better? there are still so little Master recording a available, but thanks to Hi_res audio, audio reborn, at one point there was no hope with CD 44 sampling an 16bit(designed 20HZ to 20KHZ)changing to AAC & AptX. wow, now we have some MASTER stuff available, CD needed to die. standard set by who? Sony & phillips if I remember correctly, now Sony trying to change history again with LDAC we are talking 24bit 96khz over (BT) not wire-mind blowing. we sacrifice Q over battery life (but not in VIDEO) , 2018 baby.even Sony's MDR1000x (most people uses these Cans with CBR) and it's rival BOSE 35's- not even one catergory. MDR's only can be enabled in HI-RES mode with special knowledge and limited to MAC's, PC's and expieria phones and extra gear, but there is possibility to hear something you never did for 400$. if you have TIDAL and MAC or PC. REALLY? not 2017. I think Sony partially owns TIDAL, make ~CODEC available for public, and have some more subscribers. Tidal is going dow at this point. (makes sense?) Apple realised there is too much missing parts for HI-RES to be rentable. looking at 4K video is cheap, listen to NO EQ Hi-RES music, only few who invest time and money, lost art.... people blaming Apple for sound q but uses Spotify on there devices & says Android sounds better. education. use native CODEC so it does not TransCode.different story. ahh SORRY for sidetrack.try Apple music, if you dont hear the diff. you will be fine with EARPODS. no need invest $'s all 256 or 320. it will sound better(in you your head, but you will never know until you'll introduce MASTER rec.(not CD) use android for their native codecs and apple for AAC. easy. A chain is only as strong as weakest link. we have given chance to here tunes how musicians intended to.
no good recording and clean ears. useless. patching rusted car. PERIOD.

seriously fellas. ears. and even MBP on 1/3 volume will sound loud enough. about frequency response. if cell phone adapter not bothering you, forget about investing, clean and go to audiophile store and test them, never listen to salesman, everybody hears it diff. 96or103db helps only on cell phones. thing is 250 or 600. no price diff,(consumer and studio-same price) in my opinion 250 sounds more natural, bass not that precise, but ask, you want it to be?electronic, yes. and remember the Unwritten law. amp position at 1300hrs MAX. further distortion level unavoidable.

and difference yourself between audio enthusiast and audiophile. uhhh, sometimes we are not capable jump higher than our as...... hurts but true, some of as just can't hear that wide or tell diff, or sit in one place and listen for 15min of music, remote coma, flip thru songs like a mad man....
think 5hz-35Khz, it's well below and above most recordings and amps available, and at one point you can't have both, loud and good


P.S. who remembers OLD TV's "ON" behind wall, and you said THANKS, when neighbour turned it of. now you know, you can hear something more, some of you don't know what I'm talking about..

peace out,

Beyer for DT990 for $150

don't forget DAC
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