Fiio x5 vs Ibasso dx90
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Jul 28, 2013
Hi everyone,
Thought i should start a thread where everone who owns a x5 and the soon to be released dx90 could post their comparisons for people like me who are looking at these two daps for their next purchase...
Dx90 is expected to be releases 15th-20th march
Which do you think will be better terms of sound quality?...

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Same boat here... While I've heard (read) that the 846 and the X5 is a combination made in heaven, I kind of lean more towards the dx90.
I played around with the x5 and didn't like the ui, the buttons, the wheel was super sensitive, and you cant simply play/pause/skip when the screen is off or when you're not in the "now playing" screen. 
After playing around with the X5 my first thought was "4get it, just buy an ipod" lol...
But then I saw the DX90 thread and my addiction cranked up again 
Soundwise I didn't had any of my music to listen to. But I guess they're both very good. 
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Well im just waiting for dx90 to arrive...and will post my impressions asap, my currents headphones are the enon d2000's and i also have a pair of ciems 1964 quads, hopefully they will go well together
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I am sure that both players will sound great.  It will just come down to which firmware is less buggy and which UI you prefer.  Neither DAP from these companies is going to sound like crap.  Even the $30 Clip sounds awesome.  The firmware is the issue though and it can be fixed later on.  Hurrying out a product is what caused a lot of problems for Ibasso with the DX50.  It is better to wait it out and make sure the bugs are fixed and determine which interface you prefer.

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