FiiO X1 II (2nd Gen) w/ Bluetooth!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audiowatts, Sep 10, 2016.
  1. FiiO
    Maybe did you turn on the EQ?And you are using the same headphone in both headphone mode and lineout mode?
    Best regards
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  2. Killcomic
    Nope. EQ is off and using the same IEMs.
    Line out is coloured. Wasn't it supposed to be like that?
    Try it out yourself.
    Edit- I meant headphone out is coloured.
    Edit again - just learnt it's probably because output impedance changed whrn going from headphone out to line out.
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  3. sponsor
    @FiiO any updates on this fix?
    it's a pain for me to now search for music randomly, as I use the category option only for browsing.
  4. Starrpish
    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums and new to this thread.

    I just recently bought a fiio X1ii because I wanted to take advantage of its BT feature which I can use during my commutes. I used to just play my music on my phone, but honestly I'm too lazy to sync my iphone every time. I have updated mine to the latest firmware and I thought the BT choppy signal would be fixed by that, but apparently it's still wonky. Having it in my pocket already distorts the connection with my KZ ZS3 (w/ BT cable upgrade).

    Has anyone ever experienced this poor BT signal? Or did I get a faulty unit? :frowning2:
  5. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Would the issue happen when placing on the desk? Please face the front of the X1II to you body(headphone port face down) to see if it helps?

    Best regards
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  6. Starrpish
    Hello! Weirdly, it only happens when I have the fiio in my jeans pocket. When I walk it sometimes cuts a bit and then returns. Does the thickness of my clothing affect the signal?

    It works okay if it's on the desk facing up. But after a long time of playing, it stutters a bit.
  7. Killcomic
    Anyone else finds that the player crashes if there are more than 5 or 6 external playlists?
    I got about 8 playlists and now the player crashes while navigating the playlist folder.
    The playlists are in m3u format and the same happens when in m3u8 format.
    I reset back to factory defaults and reformatted the SD card and the same happens.

    Using FW 1.6.6 BTW.
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  8. Killcomic
    double post
  9. OldRoadToad
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  10. Killcomic
    I had all these nice playlists perfect for whatever I was in the mood for.
    Should've known Fiio was going to have none of that.
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  11. sponsor
    Not using the playlist, but the player randomly stops playing once in a while. On 1.6.6, and randomly the song just doesn't play, any song that I select just hangs on the beginning, and no seek bar is shown below, with time of the song being 0:00.
    Have to hard boot the player at the times, as soft boot doesn't work. There are looming bugs till now in the player, and @FiiO has been really slow in responding to these. You can't expect much from a $100 DAP, but my $30 Sansa Clip Zip Rockboxed was much more stable than this.

    @FiiO any update on this still?
  12. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    While navigating the playlist folder from browse file? Maybe you could send us your playlists to us for confirming the issue.

    Sorry for bringing inconvenience to you.

    Best regards
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  13. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    We had reported to the engineers about that. May take some time for fixing this issue. Would try our best to solve as soon as possible.

    Sorry for bringing inconvenience to you.

    Best regards
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  14. Killcomic
    Hello Fiio,

    I've just sent you a private message with a link to the playlist files.
  15. Killcomic
    My old Sony Walkman (the cheapo 4GB one) was faster, more stable and had almost all of the X1's functionality. Too bad about the low capacity and format support which was limited to MP3, WMA and M4a.
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