FiiO X1 II (2nd Gen) w/ Bluetooth!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audiowatts, Sep 10, 2016.
  1. Killcomic
    Well I can't believe this. After days of the player crashing with playlists, today the X1 decided that it was going to be kind to me and decided to stop crashing.
    The only thing I did different was to transfer a podcast. What a fickle mistress.

    Update: Spoke too soon. It has started crashing again.

    Update 2: New firmware! It appears to have solved the issue!
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  2. FiiO
    FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.7.2 for X1 2nd gen:
    The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.7.2 compared to the FW1.6.6.

    1. Added Italian language support;
    2. Added option to adjust the sensitivity of the scroll wheel (System settings->Rotary sensitivity);
    3. Fixed issue where the player might crash with black screen after certain operations or playing certain tracks;
    4. Fixed issue where the player might not return in correct path after pressing the Return button while in a playlist;
    5. Fixed issue where the scroll wheel prompt tone would not work after entering the "Update Media lib" menu;
    6. Improved the support of 16-bit WMA lossless tracks;
    7. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

    How to upgrade: Click here.

    Please visit the X1II support page and download the firmware 1.7.2 from the "Download" section at the bottom right of the page

    Best regards
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  3. tjl5709
    I have found it to have a weak BT signal. The cases have an effect on the signal as well (at least to me). I run the thing nakid when using BT.
  4. sponsor
    Good update, scroll wheel sensitivity is a welcome addition. But the title issue is still not fixed in this update. This issue is driving me mad as I was used to browsing through the library like that.

  5. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Sorry about that. From the feedback of the engineers, the sorting still need more improvements. We are still fixing it. :sweat:

    Best regards
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  6. The Frenchman
    Many thanks to our friends FIIO for this new firmware.
    I confirm that ; not fixed à this time.
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  7. OldRoadToad
    I couldn't get it to open. I tried several times on two different laptops. I've not had this problem before so it's probably just me, LOL!


  8. Wyzzy93
    My X1 tried to deafen me again today by playing at lineout volume after I had selected headphones. I can't risk this damaging my hearing again. It is now on Ebay.
  9. Killcomic
    What are trying to open? That firmware file?
    The FW file I got did not come compressed, you just copy it to your SD card and update the FW from there.
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  10. OldRoadToad
    I seem to recall in the past that I opened it, put what was needed in the player and went from there.

    I will try again later in the week. Thank you!

  11. Killcomic
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure the firmware used to be distributed in a compressed file that you had to open and extract. This one is just the uncompressed file so just copy it as is.
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  12. bruce1967
    Having the wheel sensitively on my X1ii makes the scroll wheel much more usable for me so that was a good improvement. I still use the buttons alot though.
  13. bruce1967
    I've had my x1ii since last year around this time..I wonder how much better the X3III is. Might look into getting one of those.
  14. FiiO
    :darthsmile:Glad to hear about that.

    Best regards
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  15. bruce1967
    Thanks. I really like the X1ii. I know it isn't perfect but it sounds very good and I'm quite happy with it. The firmware updates keep making it more usable too so thank you.
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