FiiO Q5, Flagship DAC/Amp, an Dual DAC, USB/Optical/Coaxial/Line in, share the same amp module with X7.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamesfiio, Jun 21, 2015.
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  1. PopZeus
    Good thing, that's my preference! Medium power, balanced out, right?
  2. demond
    There are two USB interfaces. You don't have to connect all to use it,
    Q5 Working current is about 370mAh, When the USB interface is plugged into the computer can be charged at the same time. Computer USB interface power supply is not stable, some current smaller, while others can reach 1A.
    Another USB interface as an optional use, you can plug a more stable power adapter, so you can charge more quickly, but also on the sound quality is helpful, free from computer power pollution.
    Price: 349.99USD
    Power output: >150mW(PO/32Ω); >400mW(BAL./32Ω)
    Battery: 3800mAh (DAC>10h)
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  3. demond
    Bottom amp module interface: 3.5 PO, micro USB, 2.5BAL.
    Top interface and switch: 3.5 line out, 3.5 input (AUX/coaxial/optical), BASS ON/OFF, GAIN L/H
  4. chaiyuta
    dual usb port is really good design. If anybody mostly use it as desktop, you could get the benefit from this design. No need to buy iFi iDefender..
  5. FiiO
    Review of FiiO Autumn Launch Event in Guangzhou and Tokyo: click here.
    Market release date of Q5: Estimated in December, 2017:clap:
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  6. 13-7
    I know - but what about the oscillators? Any info?
  7. User00
    What is the output impedence of the balanced out?
  8. peterzzz
    Depends on the amp module, the default AM3A comes in at 1.7Ohm IIRC.
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  9. subtec
    So does this support AptX Low Latency? Other products using the CSR8670 do.
  10. kukkurovaca
    It's too bad there isn't a balanced line out.
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  11. snellemin
    Just make your own adapter.
  12. kukkurovaca
    An adapter isn't going to make a single ended line out provide a balanced signal
  13. snellemin
    You take the balanced out from the 2.5 mm TRRS and add a pair of XLR's. It's not hard to do.
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  14. kukkurovaca
    Lol, I'm aware of the 2.5mm output on the amp module. I was saying it's too bad there's only a single-ended line out bypassing the amp module and not a balanced line out.
  15. Schwibbles
    Glad I just found this thread a few days ago. Would've been a real shame if I had to wait 2 years for the release.

    I hope there will be a higher power, single-ended amp module that I can buy for it. I have no use for a balanced output from a portable DAC/amp.

    Looks really beautiful though; love the design.
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