FiiO Q5, Flagship DAC/Amp, an Dual DAC, USB/Optical/Coaxial/Line in, share the same amp module with X7.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamesfiio, Jun 21, 2015.
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  1. JamesFiiO Contributor
    We are developing a new DAC/AMP , it is our flagship DAC/AMP and there are some new features will be added as below, as usual, waiting for your feedback so we can make the best for your guys.
    1, First Dual DAC in our line ups. the DAC has not decided yet, maybe dual 1792A or ESS9018K2M or ESS9018 but we are worry about the power consume.  
    updated: we almost decided that we will use 2 AKM4490 DAC chips.
    2, It is the first DAC/AMP which supports amp module, which means you can change the amp section by yourself, btw, the amp module share the same with our X7.
    3, Supports DSD128, 384K/32B. 
    updated: should be XMOS solution.
    4, The volume pots is Analog, but the volume is done by PGA2311, which is a analog volume IC but the control is digital, so we can get the best SQ, with best L/R balance and without any noise.
    5, Maybe supports DLNA and airplay which means it is includes a wifi receiver. I think it is the first portable amp with WIFI input. 
    updated: we have some problem about the power consume issues so it may not implemented in Q5.
    6, it can supports balanced output , or big cans, IEM, or depened on what kind of amp module installed.
    7, Slim design as usual. 
    8, New, maybe support APT-X bluetooth receiver
    9, supports coaxial/optical/line in /USB in/bluetooth.
    initial rendering. 
    final design.
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  2. HotIce
    A few thoughts.
    I would drop the digital volume circuitry, and lessen the silicon the signal will have to go through. A normal analog control with good quality potenziometer is simpler and better IMO.
    For swapping amp module, you mean the whole thing, right? Not simply the OP-amps?
    I personally like the current E12 OP-amp plus buffer circuitry, with the buffer within the feedback loop.
    Are you planning to still run the amp rails at +/-11.2V? More? Less?
    Is balanced vs. single ended, governed by an amp module switch, or by simply a device on/off switch?
    IMO DLNA is going to be bad mojo for battery, and for the many people which will plug this into iOS or Android devices, you can already do that.
    I'd save $$ and PCB space, to invest it more where it matters (sound and DAC quality).
  3. JamesFiiO Contributor
    1, Can't find any high quality potentiomer with meets the size. 
    2, Yes, 
    3, The amp power supply is depended on the module.
    4, When you connnected a balanced module them you get balanced output. 
    5, We have E18 which not always worked for all smartphone , and of course we will only add the wifi when we can control the power.
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  4. DrKC
    I'd skip the whole DLNA Wi-Fi thing.  Unless you're going to add a display to it, leave that to the DAP.  The interface would be a nightmare unless you just go iPhone centric or another singular source.  That would limit your market although the iphone would be a big one.
  5. Vartan
    Dual ESS9018 will be nice!
  6. HotIce
    Will it be able to decode iOS encrypted audio coming off lightning cables (like the E5 does)?
  7. KT66
    Don't worry about the power consumption, put the best DAC in possible, 
    Sound Quality must be priority number one.
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  8. Dobrescu George
    What is the target price for it?
    Also, if it is a DAC/AMP, it means that I will be able to use it with my Fiio x5, using X5 as a transport, so from coaux out of x5 to Q5?
  9. Zxzxxcxc
    In my opinion Q5 should have double 9018K2M or single 9018. As you said before "ESS9018 already includes 8 channels DAC so it does not need 2 DAC chips".  

    In my opinion more important is proper dac implementation and software than the dac itself. I'm not an expert but for me investing in better and better (or maybe in 2x) dacs is like listening to music in DSD. 
    For me differences between flac and DSD are unhearable (and i can't find in web any blind test confirming differences) and everything is about how well the music is recorded/mastered.
    The same with DACs - little difference between next generation or double dac, big difference between various implementations/softs.

    James, you are doing really good job releasing products with great price/quality ratio. Don't slow down, but it's no need to go for marketing spec/features like those as I metioned before.

    No offence, It's just my point of view and my listening experiences.
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  10. warrior1975
    Give me the best of everything with some magic fiio pixie dust and I'm happy!! Looking forward to this device for sure.
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    Take a look at the Cayin N6 with dual 1792A DACs. Very good sound from Line Out with the N6. Then again ESS9018 is good too.

    I'd be interested if you follow a current mode amplification or focus on the voltage more so than just the output power.
  12. mosshorn
    Color me interested.
  13. howdy
    I think you should go with a dual Wolfson DAC. Everything is Sabre now and Wolfson is such as smooth sounding DAC with the right implementation!
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  14. nmatheis Contributor

    Might be a good differentiating point. It took iBasso quite awhile to get the DX90 to the point where I like it almost as much as my X5.
  15. x RELIC x Contributor
    I honestly don't like the 'typical' Wolfson sound anymore after hearing more refinement, that was so X3/e17. If implemented right Sabre can sound incredible, but you need to know your way around the capabilities. So can Burr Brown and Cirrus. Either way, my interest lies in the amp section.
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