FiiO Q5, Flagship DAC/Amp, an Dual DAC, USB/Optical/Coaxial/Line in, share the same amp module with X7.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamesfiio, Jun 21, 2015.
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  1. xLoud
    I still think they should have put the price little lower just to avoid the battle with ifi iDSD and Mojo. Those are quite impossible to beat for the price, specially iDSD considering it is capable of driving almost any non-electrostat out there with authority. Hope q5 beat them and I will replace my iDSD with a Q5.
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  2. KopaneDePooj
    I'm deciding between waiting for the Q5 and using it with my HTC 10 over Bluetooth or getting the X5 3rd gen for a good BF price...
  3. SteveOliver
    That's a tricky question to answer, I think the Q5 should give better sound, although probably not over Bluetooth (Interchangeable amp modules, less built in circuitry to add RF interference) but the X5iii will give more flexibility (eg 2x uSD slots vs HTC10 single uSD)
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  4. Dobrescu George
    I will test it against iDSD BL when I get the chance. I don't know how it will perform, given that we know both the AMP modules and their sound, and the DAC chip... The DAC alone is more revealing on iDSD BL, but it really depends if FiiO went for a different implementation on Q5 than other implementations of it.

    BT will degrade the signal a bit, compared to listening native to X5-3

    X5-3 has 2 mSD slots

    Having the AMP modules of X7, Q5 has more potential for high power amounts, if you have hard to drive headphones.

    Sound: X5-3 is extremely smooth. Do you like smooth signatures? If not, maybe Q5 will be better for you.
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  5. KopaneDePooj
    I think the sound will be close to X5 III, given the DAC is the same. The DAC should be implemented with its native sound, tuning it for more brightness to give the impression of more resolution would be a mistake.
    I liked the sound of X5 III, it is smooth but I didn't find it too smooth, just right and pleasing for my taste. HTC 10 is even darker, the X5 was more revealing and separated with better stage in comparison.
    Truth is I never heard a Sabre DAC or DAP so I cannot compare with that, but I had problems with brighter headphones and I like a more natural, warmer sound with full bodied vocals.
    In the past I had to EQ down almost every headphone I had in the upper mid to treble region and add a bit more mid bass. Until I found the Momentum 2 which are perfect for me without EQ.

    About Q5 used with Bluetooth - I hope it at least preserves resolution and clean sound intact up to mp3 320 kbps, or better - CD quality. It would be enough for me.
    But I also think the price is a bit high for Q5, 300 $ would have made it a better buy. At this price of 350, the X5 discounted is more tempting.
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  6. 13-7
    Question: Does the Q5 come with three different crystal oscillators just like the X7 Mk. II?
  7. blazinblazin
    I would say, just wait for it to be released, have a listen before complaining.
  8. fish1050
    You can get Apt-HD and LDAC in the $219.00 Sony A45 DAP (future firmware update) but Fiio can't afford to put it in a $350.00 Amp/DAC? Only 150 mW in 32 ohms SE vs 190 mW in the Q1 for $200.00 less and half the battery life via amp vs Q1. Yet another Fiio product that only outputs decent power via balanced output. As for bluetooth support you can get better support from pretty much every DAP on the market many for less than the Q5. I understand you are trying to take advantage of the Apple device market but how about you throw us non-Apple users who don't use balanced headphones a bone and release something that fits our needs at some point! Every DAP and most smartphones for that matter support bluetooth already!

    Do me a favor Fiio, release an updated A3 amp with 200 mW or so into 32 ohms and 20 to 25 hours battery life and I might buy one. Your everything but the kitchen sink Amp/DAC's are of zero use to me since I don't have balanced output headphones and my DAP's offer better bluetooth support for less money.
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  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I saw a picture on FB and it looked like 2 but i could be wrong
  10. 13-7
    Not sure if we are talking about the same pic/diagram, but didn't it just show the dual DACs?
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  11. frifox
    Two USB ports, one for data and other for charging. Does that mean if I'm connecting to a PC then I would HAVE to use 2 usb cables if I'm planning on keeping it running for more than the battery-life allows?

    If so, that would be quite an inconvenience...
  12. fish1050
    Since the Q1 II and Q5 are now released I guess we should have a good idea of what the Q3 will have to offer. The only question is will it be closer to the Q5 or the Q1-II spec wise or somewhere right in the middle?

    You show that the Q5 will work with Sony Dap's with the WM-Port but feature wise it makes no sense. The Sony DAP's already have better bluetooth functionality and very good DAC sections. All they really need is more power and a $100.00 portable amp will give you that. I have the A17 and I am looking to get the A45 and the Q5 and Q1-II and likely the Q3 don't offer enough power via SE output and have features I don't need. The A5 is more power than I need and I want better battery life and the A3 is old and is in need of an update and I sold the one I had. That just leaves the Q1 which I currently own and will use until I can decide on a new portable amp. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be a Fiio product based on what they have to offer at the moment.
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  13. alphanumerix1

    Power output?

    If it sounds anything like the x5iii thats not a good thing. For me anyways.
  14. PopZeus
    They mentioned a $349 price tag a few pages back. A FiiO rep also posted slides from the recent Q5 deck. Power output might be listed among the specs announced.
  15. sjb57
    uses x7 amp modules so power a matter of choice or default amp supplied.
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