FiiO Q3 iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC USB DAC, APT-X bluetooth, a new design.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. Jerda
    @JamesFiiO listen right music with a Q1 mk2 right know! Great for IEMs but I have an Hifiman too! Can I ask if there's a portable dac/amp like this one but made with full size headphone in mind in the future?with a high power output like your A5 and with a good dac section, without 2,5mm as it would increase a lot the price as balanced cables for headphones the same as a Q1 and every headphone manufacturer has his different plug in the HP so you can't swap a cable with the one of another pair
  2. DarthCh0l0
    I like the design and the bluetooth is a big boost to me. With my Q1mk2 and 2 different android phones, I cannot get the DAC/amp not to drain battery from the phone (one is usb-c and other micro-usb).
    You can fix this technology problem 2 ways.

    Bluetooth with aptx or by separate data and charging ports. This device addresses with the Bluetooth.

    Even thought I just got the Q1 I'd be interested in this one. What's the estimate on price?

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  3. davidland
    I think there is connections between Hiby and Filo?
  4. mtmercer
    Is any info available for planned availability date going into 2018?
  5. FactoryStock
    Ooh, ooh... If it's meant to supersede the E17K, will it also have tone controls? More often than not, I find that the ability to not only (+) but also (-), to be extremely utilitarian.
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