FiiO Q3 iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC USB DAC, APT-X bluetooth, a new design.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. ksojoel
    It would be nice if it comes with the option to charge your phone
  2. rjst

    Liking the rounded edge. If going with the straight/square edge, I prefer the semi-hexagon edge design from the first page (concept E "straight").

    Will there be provisioning for USB Type-C?

    Implementing it would future proof the design, especially with talk of removing the 3.5mm jack and the majority of newly released phones having USB Type-C.
  3. demond
    The type-c interface is not currently considered, but Q3 will have a micro to type-c adapter cable in the box.
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  4. rjst

    1. Can you pass audio through the adaptor or just charging?

    2. Can you connect the Q3 via cable to a phone / audio player and then via bluetooth (BT) to headphones?

    3. What's the design life of the Q3?


    Not integrating Type-C seems to go against market norms at the moment. I don't know about others; however, the benefits of fast charging and passing audio (i.e. when companies remove the 3.5mm jack) would be preferred in the long term.

    In addition, the majority of new laptops (MACs and Windows) have Type-C ports as standard now and it's easier to downgrade a cable than upgrade.

    To elaborate on Q2, allowing headphones to connect to the Q3 via BT would alleviate the need for an APT-X codec on the phone / device.

    Thanks !!
  5. demond
    1.Q3 will provide three kinds of cables, micro to micro usb, micro to type-c usb, micro usb to lightning, respectively, to support the FiiO's DAP\Android phones\computer\iPhone audio decoding, Charging is still using the common USB-A to micro usb cable.
    2. 是的,Q3有蓝牙接收功能,可以通过蓝牙接收播放器的音乐,省去连接线材的麻烦。支持APT-X
    2.The Q3 has a wireless audio receiver function, through Bluetooth, Reduce the trouble of connecting signal cable. Support APT-X
    3. 工作时间10小时以上
    3 more than 10 hours working time
    另外,虽然type-c是将来的趋势,我们不会在Q3上率先使用,同时也考虑到和DOCK K5的兼容性。
    In addition, although type-C is a trend in the future, we will not be the first to use on the Q3, and also taking into account the compatibility with FiiO DOCK AMP K5.
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  6. Ab10
    Ohhhh... Great to know that Q3 got the docking compatible with K5.
  7. rjst

    Thank you, great on the cable selection and dock.

    Shame about not transmitting APT-X as well. I was hoping to use this on my commute to work (PXC 550) as well as at home. Nexus 6P doesn't have APT-X.

    I will still get the Q3 though, the E17K has been nothing but a joy since I bought it.

    Keep up the great work !!
  8. Tartix
    Any news about the Q3's internal specs? 
  9. demond
    Sorry, Q3 may be delayed much more.
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  10. Tartix
    If it's okay, can we know why? I'm kinda hyped for this amp/dac :grin:
  11. demond
    Due to the limited development resources, we will first release Q5, then Q1, and finally Q3.
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  12. demond
    The new Q1 Mark II, with 2.5 balanced output, Mfi certification, support iPhone decoding.
    Q1 cheaper than Q3, the function is more concise, and the development of Q3 more difficult, so it will take longer.
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  13. TheEldestBoy
    Thanks for the update.
    Any ballpark idea of when the Q5 might be released? Is it definitely not going to be released until after September 1st?
  14. MidFiMoney
    USB-C for the win!
  15. iburdeinick
    Check it out Tomorrow !
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