FiiO Q3 iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC USB DAC, APT-X bluetooth, a new design.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. demond
    FiiO Q5 listed earlier than Q3. About May.
    Q5 is a flagship decoder, it can replace the amp module like X7. Support Bluetooth APTX.
  2. ianskie1
    I also got to know, will there be media buttons like the E18? I enjoy the feature so much that It'll be a major downside for me if I decide to purchase a Q3.
  3. demond

    You are talking about the play control button? Like earphone line control.
    These buttons will be on the Q5, not on the Q3, and Q5 control button is only valid in the Bluetooth connect mode.
  4. ianskie1
    Wait, the media controls for the Q5 will only work on BT? Why? Can't it just be like the E18's where the media buttons still work on USB? I actually do not appreciate the replaceable amp thing on the Q5, but adding on the media control only works on BT might just put me off buying a future upgrade for my E18.
  5. ksatayboy
    What's the estimated release date?
  6. FiiO
    Dear ksatayboy,
    The exact released date hasn't been determined yet. Please stay tuned![​IMG]
    Best regards 
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  7. triplew
    Q5 can be used together with X7 amp module then it's quite interesting, however it seems to be too thick after stack with a phone.
    Then seems Q3 a more preferred choice for portable, not sure can Q3 drive high impedance headphone like with 300Ohm?
  8. triplew

    Waiting is killing :sweat_smile:
  9. TenMoonsNorth
    No more curved designs like the Fiio Q1.
    Is the Q3 going to replace the E17K?
    Nice to see the Line Out of the Q3 lines up with the Line In of the Fiio A5.
  10. Ab10
    Q3 Also support Bluetooth APT-X Right ? This feature is not Q5 only limited - Right ?
    Also is this ideal replacement of the Fiio E18 Right ? 
  11. Westerborn

    I think the idea is that the Q3 will replace the E17K as the Q1 replaced the E07K. The replacement for the E18 (TOTL DAC/amp with all the frills) would be the Q5.
  12. demond

    I think Q1II will be more than Q3 morning market. Support Apple Lightning interface decoding. A simple portable DAC product.
  13. demond
    Yes, Q3 support APTx, Comprehensive performance will better than E18.
  14. demond
    Q3 continues to update ID. Like this.
  15. Ab10
    This rendering looks perfect - Ideal match for Stacking with other devices
    On the Looks Department - Miles Ahead of Fiio's own Q5 due to consistent design flow. 
    I like the Round Edge one side design more appealing but the other is nice too.
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