FiiO Q3 iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC USB DAC, APT-X bluetooth, a new design.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. demond
    Product Q3 basic information:
    1. Support 192K/24B decoded. Native DSD.
    2. Input interface: USB in, Lighting in, Coaxial in, Optical in, Line in
    3. Bluetooth wireless transmission, support APT-X.
    4. Output interface: Support 2.5mm Balanced, and standard 3.5mm headphones.
    5. Mfi certification product and support iPhone/iPad/iPod lightning plug in.
    6. About the size: 120×66×12mm
    We hope the design exquisite workmanship, suitable for binding.
    We prepared four ID, please comment, which is your favorite, if you have a better suggestion also please put it out, thank you.
  2. demond
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  3. xLoud
    My vote goes to A
  4. SMRDcompany
    I really like the B design, but without that faux leather/whatever it is texture. If you make it a brushed metal/plastic or just a matte look, it would be the best looking by far in my opinion
  5. XERO1
    #B for me!
    Could you please include a 3.5mm fixed-output line-out on the rear of the unit.  That way, it could conveniently be used as a desktop DAC.
    Also, a small multi-color LED on the front that indicated the different incoming sampling rates would be a great feature as well. [​IMG]
  6. demond
    Q3 support line output function, a short 3.5-3.5 cable will Inside box. Desktop use, I'm afraid you have to prepare a long cable.
  7. pieman3141
    A or C for me. The only issue is that they look too much like the HA-2, so B or D might be better if you want to avoid lawsuits.
  8. demond
    Still have not been able to achieve the best of both worlds.
  9. Zodler
    Definitely not D.
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  10. demond
    After consideration, we have a thinner design.
    But, straight or round edges?
    Straight edge design, thin body hale and hearty. Round edge design, appear round.
  11. demond

    Earlier, we have prepared 4 types of design plan. After consulted the opinions of the end users, the majority like Plan A better, but still think it's too similar to OPPO products.

    Later, we designed one more Plan E, which is completely original. However, there are different options inside of our company in terms of straight or round edge. As a result, we made models / samples for both edge designs.

    Lastly, we decided to choose the straight edge design:
    1. The FiiO amplifier lineup always use the straight edge design, so does the Q-series;
    2. With straight design, it's easy to distinguish from other products, such as power bank;
    3. The straight design will perfectly reflect the detailed texture and mysterious light, please stay tuned.

  12. ianskie1
    I'm curious will this be replacing the E17K in Fiio's 2k17 line up of mobile dac/amps? 
  13. demond

    That's right
  14. darmanastartes
    I posted some feedback on the first round of potential designs on Facebook, and I think it's really cool that you're getting consumers involved in the design process like this. The Q3 will definitely be on my shopping list. 
  15. eckndu
    So this one would be able to receive bluetooth audio from smartphones? is there any other devices available right now with bluetooth receiving function?
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