FiiO Hybrid IEMs Discussion & Impressions Thread
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Meh. Who cares about "trends", they're temporary by definition. Enjoy what you like!
I enjoy my FH7S with 70's and 80's contemporary music which by today's digital formats was lacking in bass, none of the vinyl records of time had anything below 50Hz.
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Well, I finally drank the Kool-aid and got these. Have the LC-RE 2022 pro on order.

What's an acceptable amount of burn in for these?
Out of the box : it works.👍

Then, better and better, don't worry 😉

As always : 100h+ to be perfectly cooked 😇

No really, a great match.
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Hello , i read all pages here , and decide get mine fh9…
I test , fiio fd7, kinda lava, xenns up, leisurely l12p and e12, fearless s8f , some audiosense (t800,aq7pro) and stuffs more cheaper …. Fd7 are more organical feeling and balance but … fh9 rocks man omg , my nr 1 fun earpiece ,
Fit soo good
Kit are amazing
The piece looks solid

I like clarion tips , and i buy que filters to try mod of @DaveStarWalker, the ear tips gel incant buy because i from brazil , and the cable pro22 are soo expensive for me now , i thinking try hakugei golden bodhi (3elements too) for 1/3 of price



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I may have to import a pair of these. Seeing how much you enjoy them I’d love to experience them!
My endgame these tips. 😉

But it doesn't work with everything.

Today I have listened to Ambiant Acoustics MAD24 and 16 : it doesn't work with... already because the cannula is too big. 😅

Best results obtained with Azla Crystal.

Funny because I don't really like these tips. But there with the 2 AA, it was the best results obtained. 👍
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I know you all are eager for comparisons. I have over 400 plus hours on the FD7 and the FH9 got less than 23 hours. All in due time folks.

All I know is for folks that thought the bass end of the FD7 was slightly reserved especially vs the FD5 bass end. FD7 is just balanced better there including lowering the bass end a touch for the sake of better balance.

The FH9s 13.6mm 2nd gen DLC dynamic here is not reserved for nothing. It is pushing some serious air for the bass end. These are pushing not only bigger bass but more forward mid range and a treble end that balances out the big bold sound signature of the FH9. Just a guess but to get this big forward sound I bet they are using 4 Knowles just for the mids and two Knowles in the nozzles for treble. The scope of the mid band here I can recognize from other flagship earphones. The Penon Legend comes to mind which uses 4 Sonion BAs for the mids.. The FH9 mids are so full bodied and all up in your grill. It sounds like no other Fiio made earphone.

The sound signature here is more like the UM MEST and the Sony IER-Z1R in scope as I mentioned before. Fits a similar sound signature profile actually. Fiio is going for a TOTL level sound signature in the FH9 it seems.
sony ier-z1r is very bassy?
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hello,boys. fh9 is semi open designe. does it best listen at silent room and on train or sml not good,as same as listing open headphones effect? what sound toen V-shape ,neutral ,warm tone?
I can't speak to where to listen to them, because I only listen to mine in the house so far. Are you worried about ambient noise bleeding in while listening?

Sound curve is in my opinion V shaped but in a very good way. Bass is there, powerful and full, but not overpowering. Treble is just wonderfully rendered.

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