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FiiO FH1 || 1 Dynamic + 1 Balanced Armature dual drivers Hi-Res Audio certified

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  1. prestiggge
    Thank you for replying. I bought the FH1. I am wait shipping.
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  2. LordZero
    So anyone end up comparing this ones with the iBasso it01?
    I have the tinaudio t2 and love them, but would love a upgrade.
  3. Mouseman
    I don't have the it01, but I have the t2s and the FH1s are a major upgrade.
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  4. smith
    Still having an issue with my left connector ..tried another cable and was better for a while and then the "cutting out" reappears. It only last for a few seconds and usually just by adjusting the earpiece it comes good. But they really are now opening up and sounding even better than OTB. I am in two minds about if I should get a replacement ....this is a really shame because they really sound great.....
  5. Burty
    Definitely get a replacement. You'll never be entirely happy unless you do. I changed my first black pair for a similar issue, defo the cable end on mine though. The blue pair I replaced them with are perfect. It seems some of the early black sets had issues. Hopefully fiio have resolved this now?
    I ordered direct from fiio on Amazon the 2nd time. My theory was they should be the newest batch direct from fiio.
  6. smith
    I know you are right its there in the back of my mind when is it going to cut out again ..I got mine (lovely red pair) from advanced MP3 in the uk...should have been from a new batch thru..is it a colour issue everyone seems happy with the blue one.....
    I have tin áudio T2 too. Whats is better: FH1 or F9 PRO?
    Thank you
  8. LordZero
    Aren't they much darker? What tips do you use?
  9. PacoBdn
    I have 2. I personally like the FH1 more and now I explain why.

    The profile is very similar in both. FH1 has something more sub-bass, but IT01 is somewhat faster. The mids are very similar in my opinion. And in the highs, the Fiio has something more extension. Both are excellent and more at this price. For sound I could stay with any of the 2, but I prefer FH1 for its comfort. Their shells are much more comfortable and isolate much more from external noise. And finally, the FH1 are cheaper. It is true that the cable of the Ibasso is exceptional, but Fiio gives you two, one with control for the mobile and another balanced.
    hello friends, is it worth to pay more and buy the fiio f9 Pro when comparing with fh1? thank you
  11. Mouseman
    Sorry, I don't have the F9 Pro. After reading all of the reviews, I decided to skip it and get the FH1s instead.

    I don't think they're darker. The T2s have a fair amount of bass, but the FH1s have more sub-bass and are more resolving with a much wider sound stage. I use the provided bass tips, although I need to try my favorite tips, the Spiral Dots. On top of that, the FH1s are way more comfortable.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
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  12. Burty
    Not sure but blue seem to get less complaints from what I've seen. Mine both came from Amazon UK. The first set were black from AV-Shop. The second were blue from fiio. You're the first person I've heard Thats bought the red on a forum. All three coloured versions look lovely. I've got red 535's so I went for blue.
    Even Shure get their complaints about mmcx connectors especially from sweaty gym users, they're a good idea and in theory you should only ever need to replace cables but they bring a few new problems.
    Good luck with the next pair!
  13. zazaboy
    guys do you think fiio fh1 is the best iem under 100 bucks ?
  14. LordZero
    Thank you very much! So the fh1 don't feel darker than the it01? Like I said before, I have the T2 which is a budget neutral iem with a sub-bass hump and I like it a lot, would love a good iem to replace it.

    Btw, I can use a simple adapter to turn the the unbalanced in 3.5mm? Or need to have some special specifications?
  15. PacoBdn
    Quiet, as I said before the FH1 has a little more treble.

    I do not understand your question regarding the 3.5 mm connector. This cable is not balanced, the balanced one has a 2.5 mm connector. You only need an adapter if you want to use a balanced XLR output with the 2.5mm connector.
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