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FiiO FH1 || 1 Dynamic + 1 Balanced Armature dual drivers Hi-Res Audio certified

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  1. Burty
    I've read of someone else having this problem. Looks like between this and the poor mmcx connector issue Fiio have some serious work to do reguarding QC. It's a real shame because they really do sound excellent for the money.
    My 2nd set are all good, fingers crossed they stay that way.
  2. iL15hts
    I agree. I contacted the warranty in charge. They said I get they'll replace it a new one after 4 days. What I worry is what if the new one had another issue. It's really a shame cos i love the sound.
  3. Burty
    Worth a go for sure. When you pick the right tip they will put a smile on your face from ear to ear. I do love mine.
    Good luck with the QC lottery.
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  4. shahkhan
    Just received my pair and initial impressions are ''Wow Bass ''. Will post my full review after spending some time with these.
  5. zazaboy
    guys would you take the fiio fh1 over the f9 or even f9 pro what do guys think ?
  6. Inju
    I've only had mine now for like four or five days and they have been rock solid so far with me swapping the cables two to three times a day. I've been listening with both a Samsung Note 8 and Apple Ipad with and without the Fiio Q1 Mark 2. The sound of the FH1's is amazing! There is a slight bass emphasis up to low midrange, giving these some great character without making it distracting! Also having the sub to low midrange emphasis give these a very warm sound while retaining the resolution of the hi's gained from the BA. I'm curious to know the crossover frequency they use for the BA to the titanium driver. Great dual driver IEMS and for the price with balanced cables was a no-brainer for me to match my Q1 Mark 2's.
  7. ezekiel77
    Different tuning. F9/Pro are more detail-oriented with accented treble. FH1 has a bassier, more forgiving signature.
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  8. FiiO
    :sweat::sob::sob::sob:So sorry about that.
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/FiiOAUDIO https://twitter.com/FiiO_official https://www.instagram.com/fiioofficial/ https://www.fiio.com http://fiio.udesk.cn/im_client/?web_plugin_id=24494&group_id=47899&language=en-us
  9. shahkhan
    After listening for longer sessions, i feel it sound slow and laggy bass, hav you guys felt this? I'm using lg v20 as sources.
  10. Burty
    I'm listening on a LG G6 Hong Kong Quad Dac version. I'd call it a pretty heavy bass, I wouldn't call it slow.
    TBH I was suprised how good the treble and mids are considering the amount of bass they offer. I'm partial to a bit of bass but I wouldn't want any more than these give, it would spoil the sound for me. If you've come from a fairly flat sound I can understand the FH1 could sound strange and feel very bass heavy.
    Call me a heathen but I'd rather listen to modern music on my FH1's than my se535's
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  11. smith
    I have be using mine for a few days now and must say am really loving the way they sound.... but I am have an issue with the sound "cutting out" occasionally from my left side. Its annoying but at this point not a big issue for me and would say its the mmcx connection.

    But they do sound lovely and like has been sent before the bass does not overpower the mids. I am using an IPhone 6s plus with spiral dot tips.
  12. Inju
    I personally have not felt this. The majority of people are saying, including me, that these sound great and the bass has a slight boost and sounds smooth.
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  13. Burty
    I've started using mine with the cable from my Shure SE535. IMO the Shure cables are much better quality and the connections seem better too.
    I think sound wise the Fiio FH1 are worth the money even if you don't use the cables. You could try squeezing the iffy connection slightly if you are happy to risk writing the cable off.
    If you bought directly from fiio they will probably send you out a cable if you message them direct. They communicate well through email. I bought my 2nd set direct from fiio on Amazon.
    Are yours the black ones? They seem to be the biggest culprit for mmcx connector problems.
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  14. prestiggge
    Could you compare Fiio FH1 with SE535?
  15. Burty
    I prefer the fiio to listen to in the day with modern music tbh. For me the bass and treble are better but you cant have eveything, I'd say the mids aren't quite as good and the sound isn't as balanced. The se535 are better built more comfortable to lay on a pillow with and isolate sound better. The fiio win hands down on value for money and being fun to listen to.

    Just my opinion, I'm no expert!
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