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FiiO BTR3-The World' First Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier, SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA (LHDC)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Aug 8, 2018.
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  1. mhoopes
    Gotcha - there are limited headphone choices for audio enthusiasts in truly lightweight on-ear form. Glad you like the ones you have.
    I see by the blue FiiO logo that it's using the SBC codec, though Avantree says their unit supports AAC (cyan logo in the BTR3) and aptX (purple). Have you seen it connect to AAC or aptX? That could make a noticeable difference. :)
    [edit] Ahh, the Avantree Cara II is a receiver, so that's obviously not in play in your picture. What is transmitting there?
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
  2. SubMash
    I'm managing company that actively using and testing millions of battery cells. A number of cycles - consumer characteristic that is defined by Charging Current limit and with the full cycle of complete charge-discharge because this is the most common battery use scenario - full charge, almost full discharge. There is no physical dependency from a number of any cycles. Reality is that there is an extended wear of electrolyte and electrodes due to the presence of current. And smaller current per energy - smaller wear until the point that it doesn't matter anymore, because self-oxidization becomes stronger than usage wear.

    Now once you keep the battery on the charger and using it, especially in this particular device - you are NOT charging it more often and NOT discharging it at all except self-discharge which instantly compensated by the presence of charging voltage. So your logic is not applicable here at all - there is no bidirectional load on a battery.

    If you're using ES100 it even has a battery saving mode where it won't charge battery above 80%. That saves a lot of battery cell life because keeping the battery at high voltage wears it very fast.

    If anyone will decide that it's better to use without the charger connected and only connect charger once it's empty - makes an enormous mistake. That would wear battery and decrease capacity much much faster.
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  3. alphak
    I meant receiver sorry! Cara II does have AptX (non HD and non LL) so i tried using it, was still able to hear some audio noise on my EQ 500 headphones, maybe it can't supply enough power or something. Definitely no such issues on the BTR3 anymore!

    And the FiiO BTR3 blue light, honestly, I've got it on SBC because maybe my headphones aren't powerful enough but I notice very little difference switching between LDAC and AptX HD and SBC. So I thought I'll keep it at SBC and save a decent bit of battery especially on the phone. So far I've gotten into hour 12 (8 yesterday and 4 today) and BTR3's battery still says 30% in settings, and audio quality is still just as good, no noise or screeches etc. Absolutely loving it, our wireless future is here boys and gals!
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  4. mhoopes
    I had a buddy who never unplugged his Toshiba laptop because the didn't know how to make his screen brighter when it was unplugged. His LIB was dead in less than a year. Constant top-off is likely the cause. So there's a balance that is helpful to attempt: charging current vs. storage voltage. I'd say use its "partial-charging" mode if you're worried about battery life. CVCC charging might produce more heat when charging from very low battery potentials (when in CC mode), but the ES100 doesn't seem to get very warm when charging, in my experience.

    Here's a discussion comment I ran into recently that talks about some of the issues of the typical wireless charging use case, in response to a ZDNet article entitled "iPhone X/8: Wireless charging will wear out the battery faster than cable charging":

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  5. hotdog108
    So physics and chemistry doesn't apply?
  6. eckndu
    Let’s move on.
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  7. harpo1
    Just upgraded the firmware to the latest and plugged it in as a USB DAC and it shows up as an EarStudio USB DAC. I own the ES100 as well. Not sure why this is happening since the BTR3 is suppose to be plug and play. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Darkestred
    Where did you upgrade from? The link from here: http://fiio-file.fiio.net/BTR3/BTR3_firmware-0912.zip when i open the file shows just a .dfu. I am currently stuck in DFU mode because Windows 7 drivers failed upon connecting the device. So, i guess i have a brick or hopefully when the battery dies. I will be able to power this device on. Currently, I have no way of getting out of DFU mode . I've tried all various button presses and holds. Waiting for Fiio to respond in Firmware thread/email.

    A few minutes after posting this i was able to get out of DFU mode. Not sure what button presses did what.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
  9. Ggroch
    Glad to hear you got it reset. If I remember right it happened to me...and disconnecting from USB and then doing the reset (holding the power button down for 10 seconds) solved it. But I am not sure exactly.

    The best firmware link to use for people just joining this discussion is this one: https://www.fiio.com/newsinfo/84403.html?tdsourcetag=s_pctim_aiomsg because it includes not only the download link...but also the upgrade tool link and instructions on how to do it.

    It still took me 2 tries.
  10. Darkestred
    Yeah. I did power down and a few other buttons for awhile. Thank you for the link. Ahh. Same link. I just now noticed the upgrade tool link.
  11. alphak
    yep can confirm this works, very seamless in win 10, took about 5 min all told.

    Battery life seems to be roughly around the 10-11 hr mark whether I use SBC or HD - LDAC, I assumed using a lower codec will save battery but I guess not! Still pretty solid for a wireless device that's as tiny as it is!

    Thinking of getting a plastic "screen" protector for the glass, don't want it ruined by accidental bumps etc, the whole build really feels extremely premium, glass front, matte finished body and metal back clip, solid combination of materials!
  12. MarkF786
    This product seems half-baked; they're releasing firmware updates, but the process for updating it is flawed in many ways, for example:

    - The support information and downloads seems amateurish; more like a discussion forum that support pages.
    - Apparently there's no support for doing firmware updates from Macs.
    - Apparently VMWare Fusion doesn't work either.
    - There's no guidance offered for when the firmware update doesn't work.
    - The device gets stuck in DFU mode for some unknown interval of time. Who knows when it will reset, if there's any way to force it to reset, etc. In my attempts to flash it, sometimes it would exit DFU mode while I was still attempting to flash it, other times I'd have to way 15-30 minutes for it to exit.

    On the other hand, the ES100 is easy to update, both on Windows and Mac, with the firmware easy to find on their website, and the instructions well written. What a world of difference in quality of support.

    Sure, the BTR3 feels more solid - but so far nothing about the support seems solid.
  13. KKFA
    Hi, I just got by BTR3. Will this latest batch already have the new firmware? If it does will flashing it again damage it? Btw how do we check what firmware version as there seems to have no indication.

    Also pairing it with my Samsung S8 is flawless but does not seem to play well with my Hiby R6. Anyone here has the similar issues? I will ask in the Hiby R6 thread as well

  14. Ggroch
    The latest firmware is dated 09/12...so my guess is yours probably does not have it, but reflashing will not damage it. I expect that when the Fiio Music App is updated to support the BTR3 that it will report the firmware (and hopefully provide an easier way to update it). I know of no way to find out the current firmware until they update the app.

    I see the Hiby R6 uses Bluetooth 4.0 with aptx (not HD or LL). So, it should work fine. Perhaps updating the BTR3 firmware or making sure the Hiby R6 is also up do date. will help. No other ideas.
  15. KKFA
    Thanks I just updated the BTR3 to the new firmware. My R6 is up to date but still no dice. It will show connected, plays around 20 seconds than no sound though the song is still playing on the player.

    I got the BTR3 primarily to use with my S8 so that connects and plays without issue but still cannot force it to optimize to LDAC it always goes to adaptive connection. At least I can live with it.

    The R6 I use mainly wired or as a transport to my home system but still it irks that there is such an issue with the Bluetooth.

    I hope there are more suggestions or methods to cure this issue

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