FiiO 2019 Last Launch Event to Be Held on December 28, 14:00 Beijing time(UTC+8)
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Jul 30, 2008

FiiO had held the spring launch event in March of this year, after several months later, we are now fully prepared for a new great event in this winter.

The launch event will be held on Saturday, December 28 in Guangzhou, China, starting from 14:00 Beijing time(UTC+8). This time, we will release "4" new products in total, which shows our continuous intention and determination of providing not only one single product, but a whole HiFi system solution to the customers.

We will have many domestic sales agents, media and audiophiles to the site to witness the event with us. And as usual, we will do a real-time report on our Facebook (@FiiOAudio:, Twitter (@FiiO_official: and Head-Fi for the launch event, so please kindly stay with us on December 28, starting from 14:00 Beijing time.

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FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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New X-Series DAP! ☺️
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Fiio EH5...
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LoL straight release m15 pro skip the m15 haha?
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A new pair of headphones might be included in the release since they are talking about a full hi fi system. I wonder what would they release to top up the game from the fh7, I think the fh7 is one of the best headphones around, mainly with the price it holds... besides they were released this year... just like its other 2 daps... looking forward for the event.

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