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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. inthere

    Beyerdynamic DT 1770 is the headphone that turned me on to Feliks Audio, but I look up the DT1990 as I think it may be even better...........
  2. DavidA
    To me the HD650 with the Elise was not a pairing I cared for, a little to warm and tuby (stock tubes in Elise which if changed might be good)
    I had a HD600, the peak at 4-5khz bothered me with some tracks, sold it once I built an Ypsilon driver build.
    Still have HD-700, HD-800, T1g1 and a few others which sound great with the Elise, a HE-560 is also a great sounding headphone but doesn't pair well with the Elise, much better with hybrid or warm SS amps.
    Tried a HD-800S a few times and I will get one later, its different enough from the original HD-800 that I could see owning both.  Didn't care for the T1g2 but didn't spend enough time with them to give a full evaluation.
    Tried the Ether, Ether C and Ether C flow, didn't care for any of them, a little bass lite to me and also better driven with a hybrid or warm SS than an OTL like the Elise.  FWIW a friend who has the EtherC Flow likes my Ypsilon better and most that have heard the Ypsilon think its a very good sounding headphone that is easy to drive and will sound great without any amps.  They are not the cheapest DIY, about $350-400 for parts.
    I would suggest trying a lower model Stax like one of the SRS systems which include the headphone and amp, quite reasonable priced and better all around headphones than the more pricy SR-009/007.
    The sockets in the first Elise are recessed and because of that if i recall  6080 tubes couldnt be used without adapters i see there's an updated Elise in 2017 did the company remedy this ? or the sockets are still recessed and cant accept 6080 without adapters. I see the Euforia sockets are flush with case.
  4. Spork67
    The later ones were flush. Mine was #79, and the issue was rectified well before that one came off the production line.
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  5. DecentLevi
    Only the first several Elise units that were sold had recessed tube slots, both I had received starting March last year already had flush sockets
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    Might go for the Euforia got till the end of the month for that 10% off havent read much on it yet will jump over to the Euforia thread to get an idea of sound signature of the amp and if there's infos comparing it to the Elise .Thanks guys 
  7. aqsw
    Go for it Mike.,
    You only live once.
    And you can say you owned a Euforia!!!
    Low serial #s will be nice too. Nobody wants serial #6227. I think you can get #5.
  8. aqsw
    Use socket savers. Saves the sockets and who cares about recessed!
    Believe me i lived plenty lol, and my wife would agree with this statement lol. Early model is not really important what's important is how does it compare to my WA22? That is the question right now if you figure it will be in the end in the  same price bracket when everything is added up 
  10. DecentLevi
    @MIKELAP I'm just a little curious why you would still want another amp such as the Euforia if you've already got the WA2 +22, WA6 and Glenn amps? That would be super interesting though to read your future impressions of these compared, on the Euforia thread.
    Actually just sold the WA2 and the WA6 and i dont have a Glenn amp.To answer your question . For me the best analogy is to compare amps to ice cream flavors  i remember mordy mentioning this or something similar once .I like to try the different  flavors that are out there to me all  amps have something to offer .But if i pull the trigger on the Euforia hopefully it would bring yet another flavor to the table different from the WA22 and my other amps , and  also because i love this stuff.
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  12. hypnos1
    I like your style, M...and I must admit it would be GREAT to have a side-by-side comparison of Euforia and WA22! The new amp will most definitely fare better in the ring than Elise [​IMG]...especially from brief impressions caught at our last local meet in Cambridge (and that was with C3gSs driving GEC CV2523s in Elise lol!).
    Hope my post on Euforia thread helped guide you to a bit more info on both amps...
    I would say review of Elise and infos on Euforia and words like Neutral does sound familiar to me using the WA22 there will be only  one way to find out,and since i still have a couple pairs of C3G and C3GS that i cant use in the Woo amps ,i would definetely find a use for them in the Euforia. altough Littledot is still active 
  14. mordy
    Hi mikelap,
    My Elise is #9 and it has flush sockets, so that was corrected early.
    The Elise has the best flavors - just change the tubes if you get tired of one. Everything sounds good in the Elise, but in the words of one of my grandchildren, some are gooder than others.
    I have an Euforia on order, inv #100.
    It seems to me that many of the tubes you already have are usable in the Euforia. ATM I am running 6N23P and Bendix 6080 with great results.
    That's why im tempted i already have all these tubes and also i have been using for a while with adapters 5670, 396A, 6N26P etcs.,and also the 12v/6v tubes with adapters 12ATT 12AX7 ects.The only thing holding me back is the exchange rate and duty's hard to justify paying an extra $700.00+ for a $1,300.Amp 
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