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Evshrug's "If I knew then what I know now" discussion journal.

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by evshrug, Jan 17, 2013.
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  1. becnel51
    @salbando, Thanks, that info really helps. How are you using the Mixer, via a PC, or the mobile app? I was wondering how quick the response time was on the mobile app?
    Total Budget = $600 - $800 (I had to increase the budget if I get the X7, since that will take up about $400)
    (I don't mind spending extra $$ for good quality products, that work, last, and have good warranties)
    **This headphone / headset will be used for console gaming. I guess I'm looking for a really immersive headphone / set for all-around gaming. I tend to play more shooters, (BF4, COD, Halo, Destiny) but at the end of the day, I'm a gamer, so eventually I play a little bit of everything.**
    Headphone / sets I've considered (in no particular order): 
    - Sennheiser G4ME One
    - Sennheiser PC 363D
    - Beyerdynamic (Several Versions, could use advice, which would be best)
    - Philips Fidelio X1 or X2
    I'm partial to the Sennheiser's because they come with a Mic, but I have no problem getting a mic for the other headphones. For an external mic, it seems many people recommend:
    - ModMic 4.0
    I'm open to any and all suggestions for a really good setup for console gaming (headphones / sets / mics and so on...)
    I feel like I might be the "odd man out" on this site, since I intend to use this setup for console gaming. Also, the X7 actually appeals more to me, than a traditional set up of:
    "Source - Mixamp - Y cable (one end for chat, one for audio) - Mic on chat end, headphone Amp on the audio end - Headphone"
    If I'm understanding everything correctly, it seems like the X7, replaces the need for the Mixmap and the headphone amp. I've also read posts, where people also use a Rolls Mx22, in this setup, to achieve better control of game and mic audio. It seems the X7, would replace the need for this also.  I've read comments about the amount of wires and clutter the X7 would have, but it seems to me like it would be a more organized setup than the traditional way. I don't know, just my opinion (I don't really mine wires coming off my controller).
    Anyway, any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks. 
  2. Evshrug
    Updated image? I mean, the whole setup is laid out plain in the pic with every part on display, another picture wouldn't reveal anything new. As far as using a USB to 3.5mm audio and 3.5 mic adapter as a means to pass chat info, that's just a theory which others have verified for me, since I have a solution (technically two, but I just use the USB mic) I haven't bothered buying another.

    The Xbox one setups with X7 are already explained too, this thread's not deep (and I have "chapter" markers in the OP), I could draw a diagram but I don't plan on paying for an XBO system so I can't take pics of that... perhaps I could request an XBO user to post theirs here, but soon I'll be moving this thread to the next topic (so that answers don't get lost like they do in Mad's thread and people end up repeating the same questions every day).

    Speaking of Mad's thread, that's where you'll want to read gaming headphone reviews, here I'm more talking about setups. I also mainly game on consoles so that I don't have to troubleshoot PCs alongside using them, though I do have some PC games.

    I mentioned the response time to adjusting X7 settings with the mobile app, TL:DR but asking questions anyway: it's not an issue.

    I agree that the X7 is an organized setup, and I can see the X7 transitioning to different roles depending on where I use it and if I move to a new home. It doesn't have every bleeding-edge feature, but it has a ton of features that make it very flexible and basically future-proof, it's Creative's flagship product. If I was PC games only, I would've just stuck with an Omni.
  3. lenroot77
    Anyone here have any experience with the Asgard 2? I've been thinking of upgrading my fiio e09k, Think the Asgard 2 is a significant upgrade? Something better in the price range? Would I be better off just getting the x7? Just curious on people's thoughts/opinions???

    Just looking to upgrade my sound a bit. Usually roll with my dt990s or the k7xx's.

  4. Stillhart
    You might try the Matrix M-stage.  It's often compared to the Asgard 2, but it's a bit warmer so it pairs better with bright cans like the 990 and the K7xx.
  5. Evshrug

    Mmmmmmmmmrreh, you know what my personal choice was (which pleases me), but with you as an E09k user, I'd be much more curious how you felt the X7 compares to what you're used to as both are built around the same high-spec TI chip except the circuitry around it and implimentation are very different, the X7 improving on the manufacturer's reference amp design.

    From a more practical standpoint, the X7 has more features and benefits (iOS DAC? Yes please!), but I also have never met an owner of the Matrix M-Stage who wasn't pleased with their amp... By the same token, I have seen many people own the Asgard 2 but not be really excited about it. I guess I'd recommend you read more amp reviews?
  6. lenroot77

    Thanks Evs and Still... The matrix m stage does appear to be a hell of an amp. Im very curious about it, but the all in one x7 pack is very appealing also. After more reading yesterday the Asgard 2 is off my list.
  7. Evshrug
    "Night and Day," and Musings About Finding the "Endgame."

    Just to post my own un-asked-for mental meanderings on "Night and Day Difference!"

    Obviously many people say that coming from an emotional place... The same place where they might say "it's like a lightbulb turned on, Eurika!" and it sinks in that they are hearing hi-fi music rather than hearing it diluted by the equipment. If music is important to the person and they... just... NEED to express the feeling that it's the same song but hearing it this way wakes up something inside, then I feel it's appropriate and fun to read them trying to express what's causing that huge grin. Audio should be magical and fun!

    From a more metaphorical/logical reason why "Night and Day" might be appropriate, picture your front yard in the night and day. At night, there's still all the same grass and trees and road and poles, all the different instruments that make up your landscape. And usually there will be some moonlight and maybe a streetlight and some neighbor's lights, so it's not like you can't see, but perhaps some things are in the spotlight. I've had audio setups where I didn't feel a lacking of details, but definitely parts of it in the spotlight. Nighttime is also pretty subdued, most people and animals sleeping and the feeling that time is frozen. In the daytime, now your whole landscape is lit up, you can more easily make out the dimension and little details of it all. Typically sunlight also makes us feel more awake and alert, and clinically proven to elate your mood. Daytime is also when you're more likely to see people and animals active, there's more movement and change that happens during the day.

    Just to keep readers from misunderstanding... Upgrades usually are measurably minor. Maybe just a little more bass impact, a little sweeter treble, a background instrument becomes easier to pick out, or the tonal character seems the same except instruments seem to eminate from different layers of depth/distance away from you, the headphone is comfortable to wear for an extra hour; an upgrade may change just few or even one of these things. However, even a small tweak can change the mood of your listening experience, going from "it's okay" to "Wow, this makes me feel great!" Logically, if each upgrade (above "junk" level generic headphones, though there are some semi-precious jewels among the low-price stuff) results in a minor incriment, the goal woud be to just upgrade till you find that "Eureka!" Moment. Once you find a headphone that takes your breath away and makes you really happy, other headphones won't make you even MORE happy, just make you really happy again for a different reason. I think this is why everyone's idea of an endgame setup is different. However, if you get addicted to the hobby, then there really isn't an endgame (sorry about your wallet!), curiosity will cause you to seek different ways that audio can make you happy, or to just try the new thing, even if you've already found a favorite. Maybe that's not logically "efficient," but if it makes you happy (and you keep a healthy budget), then WHATEV!

    So, beyond just hyperbole and a bit of a cliché, "Night and Day" is also a very fitting metaphor. So go ahead and set the stage, but after that please go into more detail and share what is making you smile... from ear to ear!
  8. inseconds99

    How does the x7 work with the HD 700, the x7 just went on sale on Amazon for 279 I am looking to use it for gaming and music. Does the x7 work well for music as well as it does for gaming? If not would you recommend me something else? Thanks.
  9. lenroot77

    Oh snap! Time to make an order!
  10. lenroot77

    Check out Evs full review on this thread or Amazon! By the sounds of it he was very impressed with it musically.
  11. inseconds99

    Just ordered it as the price is too good to pass up. If I don't like it or change my mind I can always return it or cancel the order. I hope it's good as I just ordered it over a jds labs O2/odac for gaming with my HD 700's for.
  12. lenroot77
    Been messing with my new x7 the last hour. Sounds fab!!!!
    My only complaint is the phone app is a bit slow.
  13. Stillhart
    That's pretty good if it's your only complaint.  Amusing too as no other DAC/Amp I know of has a phone application.  lol
  14. inseconds99
    I have been playing with my X7 for the better part of 3 hours and I find it to be very very good, only thing is that it doesn't seem to be driving my HD 700's well. I am at max volume and I feel like its loud but it should be much louder. Am I missing something?
  15. lenroot77

    Have checked your sliders on the mixer?
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