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Evshrug's "If I knew then what I know now" discussion journal.

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by evshrug, Jan 17, 2013.
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  1. RRod
    Anyone know how X7 Linux functionality is? Specifically, does it get recognized as a surround device and can you use something like the iPad interface to get around any lack of Linux drivers for things like ProStudio?
  2. Stillhart
    Yes, absolutely.
    Evshrug likes this.
  3. Evshrug
    I don't know firsthand, but my impression of Linux is that a big part of the "power and flexibility" is community-made open source drivers, and I THINK the X7 needs a driver for USB recoignition as a surround-capable device and communications device (and SPDF passthrough) if you want to use it that way. Honestly, I installed the drivers before plugging in my X7, so I don't know how generic OS drivers "see" it.

    Of course, you could always find a way to get Linux to output Dolby Digital Live 5.1 out through optical, then the X7 will work digitally that way.
  4. RRod
    You can output AC3, though the interfacing is far from perfect. I'll wait and see if anyone tries it on any of the Linux forums/posts. Should be soon enough. I still don't know why Creative didn't make this an HDMI product.
  5. Evshrug
    Dunno, but they would need an HDMI input and passthrough output, and people would be clamoring for an optical port too. It's already pretty crowded back there. Ultimately optical is a more flexible connection.
  6. RRod
    If I only gamed I wouldn't care, but having lots of movies it would be nice to have something that handled the uncompressed multichannel formats.
  7. cdsa35000
    nvm HDMI 1.3 for pc is able to pass-through HDMI HD Audio: http://www.asus.com/Sound_Cards_and_DigitaltoAnalog_Converters/Xonar_HDAV13_Deluxe/

    Sony standalone hdmi HP can do it: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR-DS7500-Wireless-Surround-Headphones/dp/B005LA53D8

    HDMI Audio Decoder: http://www.gefen.com/kvm/gtv-auddec.jsp?prod_id=8202
  8. RRod
    My understanding was that you could get TrueHD and DTS-HD working through ALSA on Linux, but not through pulseaudio. And I can already get files with those tracks on them using something like MakeMKV; playing them is another matter.
  9. cdsa35000
  10. Evshrug

    RRoD seems to have answered your question... The games probably don't have uncompressed audio in the source files, true for most games.

    And I was interested in the Sony you posted, and had hopes for it, but apparently the Sony headphone surround processing is reviewed as sub-par. So you gain uncompressed audio, but the surround processing throws away that advantage, not to mention the compromises of wireless audio (tiny DAC/amp built into headphones, weight and closed earcups, etc). On balance it will still appeal to some, but I wouldn't put much stock into how much benefit comes of the LPCM HDMI input.
  11. cdsa35000
    I agree with you about the wireless crap, but LPCM Uncomp. 24bit/192kHz 7.1 will benefit the sound better than with Compressed 16bit/48kHz DD5.1/DTS5.1 audio.*
    It will be only interesting if they have actual headphone/line outputs for wired connection.

    I will wait till they're expired to $100 or so, then hack/mod inside for some wired analog outputs.
    There's also a 9.1 version, didn't knew Sony were foussing into these medium?
    -I gettit DS7500 is the Japan (1st) version with few differences like 7.1 etc.

    * So when using DDL/DTSC encoded (comp. audio) digitaloutputs for external decoding will thus degrade the SQ.
    Using (usb) soundcards analog outputs is better sounding as they are not compressed audiostreams, independ of whether the source audio is actually (un)compressed.
  12. Evshrug
    Reading more into those Sony models you posted, they're on-average very highly reviewed on Amazon, and people are impressed by Sony's headphone processing of surround from the various sound inputs. Sony also is known for being able to make really good headphones when making the effort, so coming with good ones is definitely a positive point. It also has 3 HDMI inputs, an HDMI output, optical input, and analogue input.

    The second one you mentioned only has about a 4 hour battery life though. And for both models, the headphone is also the remote, so you have to use the Sony headphone made for it and there's nothing for wiring other headphones. Lastly, it uses the same wireless 2.8 gHz band as wifi, so you have to juggle between wireless channels to prevent interference between the sound system and wifi, but it's doable and not too hard FWIR.

    I think these might be newer than the ones I researched before, I can't remember the faults of the other ones off the top of my head but overall this is an interesting setup option. I'd still be using a USB mic for PS4 chat.

    There are some interesting Pro's and cons vs the X7 setup, on paper the X7 has stronger PC and gaming features as well as music features, the sound quality of the DAC, amp (and integrated powered-speaker option) out to help push the sound reproduction quality ahead and be usable with any wired headphones, while these Sony setups seem to be designed first for home cinema and have more decoding and signal-type options (fewer source options but adds the versatile HDMI option), can only be used with Sony's (apparently good) closed-back wireless headphones, doesn't have the "3D sphere" directional potential of the Creative but in a practical sense it should convincingly recreate a many-speaker home theater setup. Cost could also be a concern, and setup woes, but both systems are strong for different reasons.

    The Sony might edge out the win for movies, they are on equal footing for games but the headphone selection for the X7 might put that ahead, and the X7 will be a better option for music and PC use. Oh, and X7 wins for tablet/smartphone source connection and app controls.
  13. cdsa35000
    Exactly, Sony's intended for Home Theater uses.

    Instead of that VHP might better to get these HMZ with the bonus of 3D oled displays.
    I'll wait for a cheap expired HMZT2 or HMZT3W 3D Videoglasses, they have 7.1 surround HP wired output for your own HP use.
    They will be amazing for the existing (3D) FPS PC/PS3 games.

    Brings back the nostalgia decade's ago.
    The frontier "HMD gaming", I still have this FMD200.
    It was backlit LCD (2D) 266x226 res., using the standard "crappy" composite video, thus due lo-res. having screendoor grid and typical CVBS video artifacts.
    However I remembered the fun and immersion FPV I got with PS1 Ridge Racer Type 4, it was amazing "in game" feel, those good old times.
    Later they brought out PS2 versions.

    Then later I got this "most" advanced (2D vers.) hi-res HMD.
    Because the hi-res 800x600 LCOS, there was no screendoor grid, but it use (slow) micro flipping mirrors with frontlit lighting, so color images were wash out.
    I remembered using it as PC monitor in the morning laying in bed for quickly surfing and email checking before work. haha good times.
    SONY will be back in the game with:
  14. becnel51
    @Evshrug with the setup you are describing on the PS4 with the X7, are you achieving virtual surround sound on your headphones? Is the USB dongle required for full chat functionality on the PS4? Could you give me an updated breakdown or diagram / images of this setup?
    @salbando same questions but for the Xbox one?
    Sorry, I'm new to all this audio stuff, and I'm trying to wrap my head around these setups, (especially how everything connects to each console and then how everything connects to the X7) before I spend the $$ on an X7. I just really want to make sure of the following:
    - I'm able to achieve full virtual surround sound on both consoles with headphones
    - I'm able to use full chat functionality on both consoles
    - I'm able to independently drive / control / adjust, the audio settings and chat volume settings
    I plan to use this X7 for the Xbox One and PS4, so any advice / tips / recommendations (in terms of equipment and proper setups) would be greatly appreciated.
  15. salbando
    Yes you have virtual surround sound on your headphones and it sounds great it comes from the optical out on the console and make sure you change your console settings. The USB dongle is one method of incorporating chat on the PS4 another method is to take the chat audio out of the controller but you have to plug things in a certain order to achieve it.
    For the Xbox One the only way to do it is you have to use the headset adapter (which is not a very good product). I will post some images later tonight or maybe Evshrugs can. or if this link works its from another forum that it was talked about in with a simple drawing on how to complete this
    <a href="http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/lightbox/post/11204299/id/1275212"><img src="http://www.head-fi.org/image/id/6887688/width/400/flags/LL"></a>
    The X7 will allow you to achieve virtual surround sound.
    Chat is possible through these setups but it does use a few extra cables and adapters. (Some do not like that as this doesn't favor couch gaming its better suited as a desktop setup due to the amount of cables.) 
    The mixer on the X7 software allows you adjust the inputs of 5 different sources at once so it is really flexible.
    What equipment do you plan on using. It will help us to help you set it up.
    Headphones? + Microphone?
    If your looking for recommendations what is your budget? Have you read Mad Lust Envy's headphone guide as it contains alot of information. 
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