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Evshrug's "If I knew then what I know now" discussion journal.

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by evshrug, Jan 17, 2013.
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  1. pack21
    X7 chat communication workaround:

    People with X7, check this out and let us if it works.

    My friend with a yamanha optical receiver connect to PS4 + mic 3.5 connect to usb audio dongle works.


    I am using one of those USB audio devices plugged into my PS4 (that has 3.5mm mic and headphone ports) and it gets treated as a 'headset' by the PS4. However just by doing a really simple step, I have managed to reproduce this 100% every time to where it will output chat audio over HDMI/optical to an AV receiver or whatever audio device we want to use.

    Step 1: Turn on PS4 and connect up one of these USB audio devices (I assume a USB mic will also work the same way, though I haven't tried one yet). Let the PS4 recognize it and assign it to your profile if it asks you.

    Step 2: Plug in a pair of headphones to the controller (or any 3.5mm jack, even an empty adapter works, as long as it isn't the headset that comes with the PS4 or anything else that will get recognized as a mic).

    Step 3: Unplug the headphones (or whatever 3.5mm connection you used) from the controller.

    Step 4: Enjoy chat audio coming from your headphones while being able to use a mic off the USB!
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  2. esde84
    If you were using this method, you could run a cable from the headphone port on the usb device to the line in on the X7 which would allow you to control the chat volume level separately to the game audio, instead of having both chat and game through the same input.
  3. pack21
    But 3.5 audio jack on usb dongle is ony stereo, and i want optical input for digital sound. I thought I can balance chat on PS4 settings.

    At least if works well with this chat workaround, i'm very happy.

    I will buy my X7 on 1 February, to make my own tests.
  4. Evshrug
    You can balance chat on PS4 party settings... or if you find any way to connect chat audio to the X7's line-in, that ought to enable you to have more mixing flexibility/accuracy. I find that the majority of the chat/game balance slider on the PS4 is a minor change with bigger change near the extreme ends of the adjustment.

    Would be great if we could have an XBone option too. I don't own one, so I haven't tested it, but the only method I can think up right now:
    Optical to X7
    TRRS splitter in XBO controller
    Mic plugged into splitter mic Jack
    Cable from splitter audio jack to X7 line-in or mic in.

    That would theoretically give full audio and mixer control to the X7, the only caveat is the XBone only automatically selects whether to send all game audio or just chat audio through the controller. We'd need a way to trick the XBone to just do chat audio through the controller (or better yet, JUST mic to the controller and all audio to "speakers" like you can select with the XBox 360, that way you don't have to connect controller>X7).
  5. salbando
    I can confirm this to work as I have an Xbox one and this is the setup that I use.
    Here is the copy paste from another post I made.
    I use the X7 with my Xbox one and I am able to use Xbox live chat function on there. I have the Xbox one headset adapter that I plug a headset y adapter into. I take the headphone out of the y adapter going into the line in on the X7. I then plug my microphone into the microphone jack on the y adapter.
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  6. esde84

    Correct me if I am wrong. You can output chat only through the usb device. The game audio (digital surround) could still be sent through optical.
    I do not have an X7 (yet) as I cannot justify the price at the moment, but I assume from this thread you can have surround from the optical source while also having stereo sources mixed in (eg music from a phone or in this case chat audio).

    I assume that this would also work for the PS4, using the controller headset connection. sending only chat sound through the controller.
  7. salbando
    I was hoping to try this on my PS4 and see how it goes but since the Xbox one has been difficult to work with (and i have been working alot of overtime at my job) I haven't had the time to play with the PS4 with the X7 right now.
  8. Evshrug
    Oh yes, EASILY, since the PS4 allows you to manually set the controller to just output chat audio.
    I added this picture to the review: P1080190.jpg

    When I started streaming, before I got my USB mic, I had my 3.5mm lapel mic plugged into a splitter in my controller so my viewers could hear me, but I didn't have a mixer at the time to combine back the chat with the game audio so I couldn't hear the other players in the lobby... dark times indeed when I actually wanted to chat with friends while playing, I had to play in stereo with the very cheap DAC + wireless sound from the controller for game audio. Not bad if you don't know better, but several steps worse than an iPod or something.
    USB mic was nice because it untethered my controller (I don't much mind wires, really, it's how I grew up gaming), but also chat and game audio are all piped through the optical output of the PS4. Now, with the x7 and a few cables I already have, I could balance game/chat audio with the X7, but I haven't bothered because the people I regularly play with have boosted their mic gain in PS4 settings anyway.
  9. bigbeard
    mine came in today and i love it. on my pc i have the schiit asgard 2 and bifrost uber...stereo for music, and i use my SBz DSP for games and movies.
    for my ps4, i got the X7...freaking love it.
  10. pack21
    Good to know, given my initial fears have begun to emerge solutions that work.
    okay, so the controller wired solution works, and how about this wiring schematic only by USB audio dongle connected to the PS4 (mic wire + chat audio wire line-in 3.5/RCA to X7) doing the trick to put on and take a 3.5 jack from controller. If it works i prefer not to have cables  in the controller.
    anyone can do tests and confirm?
  11. Fleat
    This is how I used the DSS2, and it should work just fine. Personally, I can't tolerate having things dangling off my controller either so I would definitely opt for the USB solution if I got the X7.
  12. pack21

    Did you plug USB Audio dongle directly in PS4 or DSS2? I know DSS2 has 2 USB ports, and if you are connecting the USB Audio dongle on DSS2 (passthrough), things can be different from X7.
  13. Fleat
    I plugged the USB audio dongle into the DSS2 USB Out. I also tested with the Astro MixAmp and the USB dongle plugged directly into the PS4 with the audio output plugged into the MP3 port (MixAmp's microphone is poor quality).
    I don't have the X7, but I am fairly confident you should be able to set it up with the USB dongle without using the controller. The PS4 just treats the adapter as an audio input / output device and you select "Chat Audio" instead of "All Audio". And you can just mix in that audio output with the X7 the same way EVShrug did from the controller.
  14. Evshrug
    Yup, I just use a USB mic plugged into the PS4, no settings needed. You can also use a USB dongle (like a Syba on Amazon) and set it for chat audio like Fleat said, and wire a 3.5mm mic into that and a 3.5mm plug Male to RCA Male cable into the X7 so you can hear the party chat.
  15. bigbeard
    when using the virtual surround of the X7, are we supposed to set the in-game settigns to 5.1 sound?
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