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EQ plugin for Mac

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bigshot, Nov 27, 2013.
  1. Daniel4IEM
    Anyone ever hear of and/or use HEAR for Mac? Eager to hear opinions as I'm willing to spend $20 to get system-wide EQ for Mac
  2. Jon Sonne
    Give me a screenshot of your setup with au lab and soundflowerbed and then I can help you troubleshoot.
    No need to spend $20 on system wide eq
  3. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    A multiband dynamics compressor to take care of sibilance and a virtual room plugin for virtual 7.1 surround are my most commonly used plugins apart from EQ.
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  4. Jon Sonne
    I have tried some of the surround simulators, and they are quite amazing! But I cannot understand why you would compress dynamics? IMO, music with big dynamic range sound way better than compressed music.
    This is getting a bit off topic ... sorry  
  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    The multiband dynamics compressor is only set to compress certain frequencies above my set threshold, to cut sibilance.
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  6. Jon Sonne
    Ahh I see. Thats a good idea! I will try it myself  [​IMG]
  7. Daniel4IEM
    Missed this earlier. Thanks so much for being willing to help out. Uninstalled everything to start fresh. Will reinstall and send over shots this weekend. Thanks again!
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  8. Jon Sonne
    No problem [​IMG]
  9. kvik
    I was planning to test a couple of 9-band parametric settings in Audirvana+ (with Etymotic ER-4S), is there any reason to not just use the already provided AUNBandEQ plugin for this?

    EQuick (£75) seems like overkill feature- and moneywise, and I don't need global EQ (Soundflower), as far as I can tell.
  10. Jon Sonne
    If you only need 9 bands I don't see any reason why you should get EQuick. I have not tried the AUNBandEQ though. 
  11. Daniel4IEM
    Here's a screenshot of my preferences. Odd thing is the EQ worked perfectly last night through the laptop speakers! But, as soon as I plug the headphones in and select it as output in sound within system preferences, the EQ does nothing. I'm obviously confused with the input/output choices across Soundflower, AU and Mac preferences.
    Thanks so much for your help
  12. Jon Sonne
    First of all, you should choose soundflower as the output in system preferences. 
    Then choose to make a new document in AU Lab. In the left menu choose factory configuration = stereo in/stereo out. Choose Audio Input device = soundflower 2ch and Audio Output device = build-in output. That should make it work [​IMG]
  13. Jon Sonne
    You can easily choose the system preference output by holding alt and click the sound icon in the mac top menu   

  14. Daniel4IEM
    LuckyEars- you've solved it! Many thanks!
  15. Jon Sonne
    No problem, you are welcome.

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