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EQ plugin for Mac

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bigshot, Nov 27, 2013.
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  1. bigshot
    Hi Guys
    I am in need of an equalizer for iTunes playback on Mac (not iPod or iPhone, I need it for my iMac OSX Mavericks). Any suggestions for cheap or free ones? I'd like graphic, but parametric is OK. It can either work as a plugin to iTunes or systemwide.
  2. rhythm is life
  3. CognitiveBiased
    If I may ask bigshot, and I know it may be slighlty off-topic, but what is wrong with the native ITunes equalizer?
    I'm not talking about the generally useless presets it offers, but about the EQ panel itself?  I still use it to tweak the sound a little, although the output is through WASAPI to an external Amp/DAC setup...
    I'm guessing that by asking for another ITunes/Mac EQ, you are implicitly discarding the native one for some solid reasons?
  4. TMRaven
    It offers limited bands and can be inaccurate. It doesn't really degrade sq so it's good for simple rolloff a or bumps, but not so good for complex eq.
  5. bigshot
    The bands in the iTunes equalizer have tremendous spill over. If you boost one band, you are boosting two bands below it too. It's impossible to eq with that.
  6. CognitiveBiased
    Wow, I wasn't aware of that! Thank you for telling me.
  7. viperlt86
    Re: the osxdaily link and soundflower and AU labs, does anyone know how that works if I'm using a dac/amp? I've got a fiio e10k tuning a pair of he-400's and reading through that tutorial I worry that it might bypass the dac or that it would add too much extra processing and diminish sound quality.
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    Nothing done on the computer can bypass the DAC and you should see the sound processing panel I run :D


    Soundwise every one of these processing units is worth a whole computer's weight in gold in my audio system :D
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  9. Daniel4IEM
    I followed the tutorials on how to install sound flower and AU and got everything setup correctly but no effects when I actually use the EQ. Anyone got any troubleshooting tips?
  10. RRod
  11. Jon Sonne
     Wow, that must have taken quite a while to set up! What headphones are you using with all these software settings?  
  12. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    That setting was for my loudspeakers. I have other settings for the Beyerdynamic DT880, among others.
  13. Jon Sonne
    I can see that you are running electri-q in vsthost. What else are you using beside eq to alter the sound?
  14. Daniel4IEM
    Joe Bloggs are you aware of a Mac version of what you use?
  15. Jon Sonne

    I'm using equick au plugin. Its intuitive, precise, looks the part and has 32 parametric bands
    I use this with au lab and soundflowerbed. I also use audiotest for sine wave generation
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