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ENIGMAcoustics Dharma

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dopaminer, Jan 12, 2015.
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  1. Kiats

    Interesting... I actually had a chance to listen to the Dharma yesterday at Jaben, Singapore. I'm not sure if it's a pre-production demo unit.

    With regard to sibilant trebles, I only found it occasionally. But that I put down to the bad recording of the pop song that was one of the demo tracks. It sounded fine with the Eagles and other music I played. Of course, it undoubtedly needs burn in to take the edge off some of the hard edges.

    While it's a nice can, it's not compelling at this stage. I'll revisit once it has been burned in. :)

    What I will say is that the HD800 type socket was too recessed and will be difficult to remove cables. I had a heart stopping moment with the crystal piccolino balanced cable from my HD800.

    Which brings me to the next issue I had: the OEM HD800 cable doesn't do it any favours: the same cable that can make the HD800 sound poor is used here too. Once I swapped it out in favour of the crystal cable, the treble was more rounded and calmer while the mids filled out and the vocals not so recessed. And the bass kicked in.

    The last observation is that earpads are poor. Too thin and were not the most comfortable around. Looked like some cheap OEM earpads from any shop selling supplies.

    While the idea behind the can is good, I think in implementation these chaps are letting their good work on the Drivers and concept down by having these cheap and perhaps not well thought out parts.

    Just my thoughts. :)
  2. raybone0566
    wonder if these are different units people are getting. The 6 moons review I read the cable was praised and no mention of cheap earcups. He actually gave the dharma an award that's not given out very often.
  3. Kiats

    Or it may just be different expectations. :)
  4. conquerator2
    We can also assume that differences between production and preproduction are very real :)
  5. bmichels
    So, will we have to wait for final production to know if the dharma can replace a SR009 by providing the same precision/speed while offering the bass that the SR009 is lacking sometime ? 
  6. Ocellia
    Shane! Glad you escaped! Hope all is well now.
    Puts Hi-Fi madness into perspective!
  7. grizzlybeast
    The Big Sound comparison reports it to be to be clear like a stat just not on the sr009 level. I know that is preproduction but I doubt it will be technically improved, just fine tuned and hopefully better balanced. I am glad I followed Big Sound. The SR009 was never once on anyones top list... I didnt expect that. 
  8. AlanYWM
    IMO, the one I heard is not on the same level as the 009 or even the HE1000. To be fair, this is based on memory and I did not do any side by side comparison. I thought the treble was pretty good but the bass details were not there. This was through the hybird headphone amplifier, Athena A1. I agree that the HD800-type socket was rather difficult to put on/remove the cable. Overall, I would still rate it as a good sounding headphone for its price range.
  9. hitman1

    Hello: I posted a link for Innerfidelity Big Sound. Is that what you are talking about or some other article? Want to know so i can go find it.
  10. grizzlybeast
    It was one of the innerfidelity big sound articles. I can't remember.
  11. BlakeT
    Reading through the impressions of the various testers, the SR-009 did not fare well at all.  One professional, Bob Katz seemed to actively dislike the 009 and much preferred the 007.  While these are all simply impressions from different people, you can see a few trends, but overall, the subjective impressions seem all over the map.  Some headphones are referred to as "rolled off" whereas other subjects described that same can as a "detail monster" (LCD 3).
    In any event, Bob Katz is a recording professional with tons of experience so his opinion might carry just a tad bit more weight than the others' opinions.  Or not... [​IMG] 
  12. Anjolie
    Awesome!  I'm going to save my pennies and dig through everybody's couch cushions for loose change until I can afford them [​IMG]
  13. grizzlybeast
    Relatively speaking the lcd3f actually would prob sound the closest to studio monitors in balance, yet not as weighty in the dynamic in the low end and a bit more lively up top, though not much.

    A professional studios idea of neutral and some headphone audiophiles idea of neutral can mean totally different things in regards to bass and treble. One of the Big Sound listeners pointed that out.

    I hope the Dharma is balance on the practical side of things. This thin bass and boosted treble stuff is not like any studio I have been in. Yet headphone manufacturers make monitoring headphones in this manner for professionals. I can understand the reasoning behind this tuning and the difficulty of having clear sound along with full bass in a small cup. The Dharma is so intriguing because it seems as if it's design is another crack at solving the problem but so far it reads to be another bright headphone. At least it may have a more realistic bass.
    I just hope it's final tuning has a full yet balanced treble and realistic midrange(read to be its weakness)
    I signed up for the loaner program and am second to last. By the time I hear them there will be plenty of reviews and impressions but come Dec I'll get to see if these are for me.

    Asr's impressions have me pretty stoked though because I listen to similar music. But also bummed because I am a male vocal artist(aspiring to be).
  14. mrfcpa
    (image missing)
    The empty Woo Audio headphone stand, waiting for the Dharma D1000. To be hacked by Drew Baird at RMAF CanJam 2015 here in Denver on Friday.
    He just doesn't know it yet [​IMG]
  15. CanDude
    I tried Dharma at AudioConcept in Stockholm today. Wow! Unfortunately I was not allowed to buy the one they have, but Robert will order more Dharmas tonight. I will get one of those when they arrive.
    The setup in the shop was Tidal > Mac > NADAC > Dharma. So that wasn’t fair... But at least I cannot blame anything on the DAC. The Dharma was not broken in yet, though. They got it this Monday.
    My first impression was that they sound like one of the shop’s high-end speakers. Bass via mids to treble is very smooth and integrated, nothing stands out. I thought that the treble was somewhat elevated, very extended and smooth. At the same time as everything sounded smooth attacks were razor sharp and distinct. Of course the DAC probably helped here. The sound stage was good, reminiscent of HD800 but not as extreme and wide. The sound is more in your head like a “normal” headphone, with a good center image. Whether it was NADAC and/or Dharma, you got that impression of being able to pinpoint different sounds with excellent separation, you could almost “touch” them.
    I didn’t notice the bass especially, it was not “boomy” or anything, it was just there. I didn’t get any impression of sub-bass, but that was due to the songs I listened to. However in one song I heard real sub-bass. When I got home I played the same songs in my home setup, using HE-6 and HD800, to compare and verify what I heard in the shop.
    The midrange was soft, almost “woolly”. Excellent voices with much separation, it was for example easy to separate overdubbed voices and to separate voices in small choirs.
    The treble was very smooth, detailed and extended. However I thought that the highest treble was elevated compared to what I’m used to. Violins almost had too much treble. But as I said the cans were brand new. Much of these impressions are probably caused by my knowledge of the construction. When I get my Dharma I will probably try to eq them a little bit in the treble.
    When I got home I discovered that Dharma’s sound signature has much more in common with HD800 than with HE-6. HD800 sounds like a small monitor that tries hard to produce some clean bass while Dharma sounds more like a full-blown speaker.
    I had one problem though. While the ear cups where reasonably comfortable (like an AKG can), the head strap did put a lot of pressure on top of my head. I have a pretty big head. I wonder if this will change over time, if the rubber bands (or is it some kind of built-in springs?) will wear out so that it will be more comfortable for me. You can perhaps tie up the strap with a piece of string to lessen the strain.
    Compared with HE-1000, I don’t know... Dharma is more like a “normal” headphone. You can hear it has dynamic drivers.
    Hmm, a lot of words just for listening to Dharma for half an hour or so in a shop. So don’t pay much attention to this nonsense! This is why I don’t write much at head-fi, someone may actually believe what I write! [​IMG] Always listen for yourself. [​IMG]
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