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ENIGMAcoustics Dharma at TTVJAudio and loaner program

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by todd, Sep 23, 2015.
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  1. Todd Contributor
    HI All,
    The long wait is almost over!!! We have confirmed our order of the Dharma is shipping to us mid October. We received a production model last week and are very impressed. We think it is a winner and going to make a lot of you very happy. Preorder yours now at TTVJAudio - price is $1195 and we offer free shipping.
    We are announcing our loaner program for the Dharma we have here now. It will ship out Friday (ok so I have one person already signed up - Audio Addict and it will start with him) . Same rules as always. Email me todd@ttvjaudio.com with your Head-Fi user name, shipping address. I will be doing some research on members who sign up. I expect a review to be published on Head-Fi and if you elect to buy them it would be greatly appreciated if you bought them from me. Sign-ups begin now and I am limiting it to the next 7 who sign up for a total of 8 loaner participants. You will have the Dharma for 1 week (not 10 days or so - be considerate of the rest that have signed up and are waiting in line) You will ship it out to the next participant and email me the tracking info so I can pass it on to them. Have fun and enjoy your time with the Dharma!!!  todd@ttvjaudio.com
    My impressions are that the Dharma is a top notch headphone and performs very well at its price point. It is seamless across the frequency spectrum with no obvious flaws. I can listen to it for hours at a time without fatigue and I find it a very pleasant, detailed sound. I could be very happy living with the Dharma as my only headphone. I have attached a Cardas Clear cable replacing the Dharmas stock cable and I like that combination a lot. So I give the Dharma a very high recommendation.
    TTVJAudio.com Todd Stay updated on TTVJAudio.com at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    http://www.ttvjaudio.com/ todd@ttvjaudio.com
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  2. Oregonian
    Email sent!  Thanks! 
  3. pr0ggy
    Email sent!
  4. money4me247 Contributor
    e-mail sent. thank you for your consideration.
  5. stjj89
    E-mail sent! Thanks for this opportunity!
  6. Claritas
    I just e-mailed you. Thanks a lot for making this available to us. :)
  7. MattTCG
    email sent...
  8. Schopenhauer
    Email sent!
  9. Todd Contributor
    HI All,
    I have had a large response to this loaner program and it is filled up. Anyone who has asked will be on the list but the list is about 16 people. I will post a list by user name the order in which they will receive them. They are shipping to #1 today.
    TTVJAudio.com Todd Stay updated on TTVJAudio.com at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    http://www.ttvjaudio.com/ todd@ttvjaudio.com
  10. stjj89
    Thanks again for this opportunity, Todd!
  11. Todd Contributor
    HI Again,
    Here is the official list. If you emailed me and are not on the list, send me an email and I will fix any errors I may have made....

    ENIGMAcoustics Dharma Head-Fi Loaner List
    Audio Addict
    TTVJAudio.com Todd Stay updated on TTVJAudio.com at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    http://www.ttvjaudio.com/ todd@ttvjaudio.com
  12. hifimanrookie
    Hi Todd,

    Is this also for europeans? Or only for people in the states? I am interested to test him out on my PaG (see my review in my signature about my amp) and compare it to my code-x , but i reside in the netherlands, amsterdam :xf_eek:
  13. Audio Addict Contributor
    They arrived today :)

    Todd included a bonus!!!
    -- A 5 foot Cardas clear HD800 cable

    First impression with my RSA Apache, PWD MKII with Roon playing the music -- way better than my listening time in August at our Chicago meet!!!!
  14. Audio Addict Contributor
    I have been letting Roon select the songs with the underlying basis female jazz vocalists.   If I had to describe the experience the past 3+ hours in a single word, it would be natural.  The female jazz vocals just have such a wonderful presence in all the music.    I really haven't wanted to leave.  I actually went out to the garage to get a portable chair so I could sit next to the Apache and enjoy the Cardas / Dharma pairing.  I doubt I will even try the default cable as the purpose of the audition is what the headphones are capable of not the quality of the standard cable.  I really want to thank Todd for including the Cardas cable.  
    I also plan to try the Dharma's on my RSA Stealth paired to the Meridian 808.2i cd player.  I am interested in how it would pair with a tube headphone amplifier given their low impedance.
  15. pr0ggy
    Great first impressions...natural female vocals are something I'm definitely looking for, making me even more excited to get my hands on them!
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