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  1. Imusicman
    I’m available in the UK. Just saying

    Seriously though wouldn’t it be great to pick someone new who’s never had this kind of opportunity before.
  2. nogi replicant
    I am in Australia and would love for the scope of this to be opened to 'Australasia'
  3. chaiyuta
    wanna try lionheart 8-wire too.
  4. ranfan

    That's an amazing photo, and cable. The lighting balance, and contrast are excellent! Good luck for the tour. :)
  5. Twitley
    From which model is provided round leather case?

    Thank you
  6. Deezel177
    That would be the Leonidas. But, if I'm not mistaken, you can order the case directly from Effect Audio if stocks are available.
  7. PinkyPowers
    I'm loving this case. :D
  8. Vitor Valeri
    @EffectAudio , do you consider sending it to Brazil too? The curiosity about this cable is great ...

    I wanted to compare it to Ares II and Thor SIlver II connected to my CIEM JH5.

    Oh, I know I'm still owed a Thor Silver II review. I am evaluating it for 3 months in order to give a better opinion about the cable.
  9. ironpeg
    I meant Horus is good with all the iems I've tried with, K10e, Zeus, LCD i4. Rhapsodio Galaxy V2. It is just that I don't really like LCD i4.
  10. ostewart
    I'm really looking forward to the 8-wire Lionheart tour :D

    The normal 4-wire is one of my favourite cables!
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  11. Wyville
    Yeah, would be really interesting to hear the difference between the 4-wire and the 8-wire!
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  12. ranfan
    Sorry for asking this silly question. Just wondering. What's the difference between the Ares II, with Thor Copper? They seem to share a similar (inviting) price. :) Beside one having SPC wire, and the other copper, what are their differences design, and sonic-wise?

    By the way, I'm enjoying the Ares II with Spartan very much recently. What a nice pair, they seem to complement each other very well. The Ares II helps highlight the midrange more, providing it with extra clarity. The sound becomes less 'flat', and warm. It sounds more exiting than with the stock cable. Vocals, and instruments in the upper frequency no longer sound too warm for my taste. Female vocals sounded so much sweeter, without decreasing the fundamental power from their voice. The upper-mid seems to receive this extra sparkle, and air with the Ares II. It makes the entire presentation on the EE Spartan more transparent, and immersive.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
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  13. Wyville
    If I remember correctly, Eric told me that Thor Copper has some characteristics that are typical for SPC cables and will thus create a more V-shaped signature. I haven't heard it, but when I tried the DIY SPC Oscar sent along with Ares II a while back I could readily notice the difference in how the mids were presented: laid back with the SPC, more clear with Ares II.
    Sounds very nice, glad you are enjoying them! :)
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  14. koven Contributor
    Can anyone comment on the ergonomics of a 4wire vs 8wire? I've never used an 8wire, is it a lot bulkier to use daily portable than the 4wire? Does it feel heavier to wear?
  15. Vitor Valeri
    I have Ares II and I already had Thor Copper. Thor Copper has a more detailed sound, with more accurate bass and greater impact. It has a better extension and definition in treble than the Ares II. But the Ares II has more middle forward, sweeter, and a more musical sound. Basically that's the difference between the two cables.

    Physical differences do not have many. They are very similar.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
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