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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. IdleHeroe
    I've been hearing a lot about the Leonidas (Leonidas II?), What do you guys think of Campfire Solaris pairing with Leonidas II?
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  2. korvin12
    I don't want to go into details but it sound absolutely brilliant:)
  3. aohk1997
    Any fellow Campfire Andromeda users here can make a cable recommendation from EA?
    Would appreciate it!
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  4. singleended5863
    It depends on your budgets. I don’t own Andromeda and know that most of the Andromeda’s owners had talked about that in more pages in this thread before.
  5. aaf evo
    Does Effect Audio have any plans to incorporate something similar to DITA’s Awesome Plug into their cables? The interchangeable terminations on the OSLO is amazing.
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  6. korvin12
    Which version of Andromeda are you talking about? I own both the green & the stainless steel version, the green is paired with Janus D while the ss is paired with Leonidas II. Both sounded amazing.
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  7. duaned
    Any feedback on the Lionheart? I am looking at it for the Hyla CE-5.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  8. IdleHeroe
    Oh please go into details ~ I have a hard time deciding whether to do get the Leonidas / Leonidas II ? And i hear about the new cleopata which sounds like something i would like too. I love mids and female vocals and of course the tight hitting lows :ksc75smile:
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  9. Hana Yu
    Ooooph this is getting painful...
    Some details, please please, please! :laughing::laughing::laughing: (you're making me sing James Brown here haha)
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  10. Peter P.
    Pairing my green andromedas with the cheaper thor ii’s in balanced. Sounds amazing on my ak se100 dap. What dap are you using?
  11. aohk1997
    the SS version, how does it improve the andromeda SS? :)

    How does the thor improve the andros? Will be using the ak SR 15 :)
  12. Peter P.
    Bass sounds tighter with more thump, sounds really smooth with amazing detail on all frequencies. Better soundstage too. Exactly what the reviews say on it. Dont forget to add the psquared plug if you decide on getting the cable. You wont be disappointed. Dont think i will be letting go of my andros because of the cable upgrade. What eartips are you using?
  13. aohk1997
    Sounds amazing! I'm using acoustune 07, it's been pretty good so far
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  14. korvin12
    Did not demoed the cleopatra with solaris so i can't comment on that but i think the leonidas II will satisfy all your above needs:)
  15. Sound~Patriot

    Cleo arrived yesterday :) love at first sight.
    For me the best built quality of all EA cables i own and have owned. Incredibly supple and awsome haptics. It's really a bliss to touch this beauty :)

    Soundwise i haven't found the perfect partner yet. Phantom isn't my cup of tea here as the natural timbre gets lost a bit. But i liked it a lot with the Legend X and the Trinity ! Need more time. Next week i will get my AAW Canary. I guess this would be another great pairing :)
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