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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. PinkyPowers
    Is anyone else having trouble with the Effect Audio website?

    There is this huge prompt to subscribe to their newsletter, and I can't find any way of closing it.
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  2. fiascogarcia
    It has happened to me before. Don't have an answer for it but to guess that they're doing web maintenance or my download time is stalling the site processing.
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  3. ctsooner22
    Hmmm. Janus D???
  4. tim0chan
    On the computer or phone? No issues here, just click the big cross at the top right hand corner
  5. Vitor Valeri
    It's the Ares II 8-wire

    Janus below:

    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  6. ctsooner22
    Cool, thanks.
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  7. PinkyPowers
    It was on my work computer. No X appeared. I was expecting it, and found nothing that would allow me to close the window.

    Now that I'm home, on my personal PC, it loads just fine, and there is an X, and I can close the prompt without trouble.

    Maybe it has something to do with the Firewall at work.
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  8. San Man
    My work puter blocks their website too, fyi
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  9. pali
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  10. Vitor Valeri
    I have Ares II and I already had Thor Copper. Thor Copper has a more detailed sound, with more accurate bass and greater impact. It has a better extension and definition in treble than the Ares II. But the Ares II has more middle forward, sweeter, and a more musical sound. Basically that's the difference between the two cables.
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  11. Deezel177
    Keep in mind, the Thor Copper is not a Litz cable. As a result, it may go green over time... just like mine did within hours of it entering Jakarta's atmosphere. :D
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  12. Wyville
    I have it hooked up to my Ei.3 while I eagerly await The return of the Phantom (sorry, couldn't resist a hint of melodrama) and I did have to switch to a bigger size tip to get a more secure fit, but I was surprised by how comfortable it is to wear. I won't wear it on-the-go, not in the least because it is like a huge sign saying "rob me" (I don't live in the nicest part of London (can't afford to)), but it is possible.
    That's so cool! I have wanted to hear this cable for such a long time, which might actually well have been your fault because you explained how well it paired with the H8.2 and those were at the time (probably a year ago) one of the more realistic options for TOTL IEMs. :D
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  13. azabu
    Just a quick post about the Janus! I went to e earphone in Akihabara this afternoon to audition the Janus and Chord Hugo 2 (if you're after a semi portable / desktop set-up, the Hugo 2 is hard to beat!). Testing was with Noble Encores and Sony ex1000 with e4ua 2 pin adapters.

    First up was the Janus Dynamic, this is an interesting cable and possibly with a specific purpose in mind. With my Nobles and Sony ex1000s, I found the Dynamic version to be bass light and recessed in the mids. This could be a nice match with Fitear TG334s, though I didn’t bring them with me and I have Fitear to 2pin e4ua adapters to boot.

    The Janus Basso was much more to my liking, it sounded:
    - dynamic
    - even dispersion across the frequency bands, without favoring any band in particular
    - wide soundstage
    - excellent clarity
    - fast
    - smooth treble with low-moderate sparkle

    The Janus Basso isn't a refined cable like the Lionheart, nor does it have the beautiful tone like the Eros II.

    It's more like a super-charged version of the Leonidas, which was apparent when I switched from Spinfits to Acoustune AET-08s. It's a superb cable and if it was available in a 4 braid with the same tuning, I'd acquire one in a heartbeat.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  14. Wyville
    Okay, I just have to share some first impressions here because the Ares II 8-wire is all kinds of awesome! I had some fun with the Custom Art Ei.3 and Rhapsodio Saturn while I wait for my Phantom to come back and it is such a great sound I am getting with both. I always love listening to the Stones' album Blue and Lonesome because it has a great atmosphere to it (think smoke-filled blues bar) and with the Ei.3 and the 8-wire it sounds as real as I have ever heard it. And I am not yet talking about technical accuracy, but just the image as a whole. It seems like the 8-wire manages to retain the 4-wire's characteristics really well, while expanding the stage, extending at both ends and adding tons of air to create a very clean but organic image.

    If the 8-wire can do this to the Phantom, I think there is going to be one hell of a shootout between it and Lionheart to see which ends up permanently attached to them. ...and darn I wish I still had the Zombie lying around! :D
  15. Deezel177
    I haven’t heard mine yet, but this is exactly what I love about 8-wire cables! It creates a larger stage whilst keeping instrument structure mostly the same. So, instead of stretching them out, I always describe the presentation as, “The same band playing in a larger auditorium.” It just ends up translating as free air and headroom, which is an awesome sensation to behold with IEMs that have to compromise staging for tone and timbre. With 8-wire cables, you get the best of both worlds sonically, even if ergonomics aren’t the most ideal. :wink:
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