Early 2018 Florida Meet [Planning in Progress]

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  1. Andrew Lutchman
    Jan 27th works for me.
  2. shenanbay
    Sounds good to me
  3. tyrion Contributor
    Trial run in preparation for the meet:

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  4. Jimster480
    I won't be around at that time. I'm going to be on vacation from the 26th to the 30th.
  5. Uri Cohen
    South Florida might be too much of a drive for me, maybe next time....

    If only there's more Jax/North Florida users where we can perhaps do something....
  6. Zark
    Ok, now that I've handled my finals in college I can pay attention to this thread. I made a Doodle to determine when the best dates are for everyone (this is way easier to use than the google polls), the location isn't determined for certain but I'm planning on somewhere in South Florida. Here's the link: https://doodle.com/poll/h3z5inidv42v8pki Select the dates you can attend.
    Hope everyone is having a good December so far!
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  7. Jimster480
    Sounds good.

    We can hopefully sort out a location with the guys from above aswell.
  8. Towert7
    I'm around Sarasota and am interested. It's been a long time since I have been active in Head-Fi and I'm a little curious to see what is new.
    Of course I'll bring gear if I attend.

    PS: Zark, it sounds like Tyrion and JP already have some nice meetup plans. They have the connections to make a great South Florida meet.
  9. Zark
    That may be true but I'm the creator of the thread and I organized the original meet the thread was made for so... I had planned on having another meet since the first happened. I'm not saying they aren't allowed to plan a meet of course. Also I'm around Sarasota too.
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  10. Jimster480
    So far their plans are to have a meet at a bar in the morning.
    They havent provided any information on any such "great meet" other than plans that won't work out for most of you guys traveling down quite far.
    And I can probably speak for half the people here that we aren't interested in having a headphone meet in any bar.
  11. Towert7
    Hi Zark,
    I know and I completely understand what you are saying.

    I mentioned it simply for your consideration. You see, it might not be wise having two head-fi meets near the same location and time period (for example, 1 in fort lauderdale the end of January and one in miami the beginning of February). The reason being, each will compete for attendees resulting in both meets having lowered attendance.

    We can always plan a small meet, but it's very hard to get a larger meet worked out (the reason there hasn't been one in FL for a while). If Tyrion and JP are planning to put together a meet in that same area and time you were thinking of, I say let them organize it since they have the clout and connections to make it a larger meet. Simply my suggestion.

    PS: Yea, had I checked Head-fi earlier I certainly would have come to the Sarasota meet. I probably would have needed the full 2 hours simply to set up and take down equipment though. :)
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  12. shenanbay
    I would like for the meet to be more than 5 hours. At least 7-8 hours.
  13. tyrion Contributor
    Zark and Jimster, I don't understand all the anger about this. If you want your thread to yourself, it's all yours. Just trying to get some excitement going for a meet. When Jp and I are ready we will start a thread. I kind of thought we could be adults about this but it seems things have become a bit more territorial since I was active. I can tell you that some of the meets we've done in the past have been pretty epic. We try to do some different stuff, like having Zu Audio come down with a room of speakers when they were doing their Zu Parties across the country. I had a live band play at CanJam '08. We were a pretty tight crew here and most of us remain friends. We typically have people from out of state attend our meets. Amp manufacturers have come down. We have a local audio store owner show up with gear. The bar idea was just that, an idea. No one has to drink, we will have the place to ourselves and there are plenty of tables for gear. It's not definite and only a suggestion but if you don't want to come, no problem. I appreciate what Towert7 has said. He was one of the regulars back in the day. I assure you we are not looking to take over, just offering an alternative. We did not intend to step on any toes but perhaps some are taking this a little too seriously.
  14. Andrew Lutchman
    Agreed. Let's give Tyrion and JP an opportunity to create the next meet in Ft Laud in January. Zark, how do you feel about taking over the following meet in Central FL/Sarasota area in a few months?
  15. wazzupi
    We've attempted to reach out to you in hopes of some communication, trying to combine our meets to further expand on the idea from what I can tell this is kinda the most you've opened up as far as communicating with us. I just recently pmed you and I have no problems going forward. But we did plan to have a south florida meet, it was posted on this thread, before you made the post about your own idea of one. I did find it a lil rude that you didn't reach out to Zach jim or myself about collaborating, but I'm an understanding guy, Thats okay because I decided to make that effort in my pm to you that i had recently sent. There is nothing too serious going on here. we will be attempting to further expand attendance for a meet in south florida and find out an ideal date. whether you come through or not will be up to you and your affiliates discretion. Hopefully by the beginning of January we will have some solid ground to stand on.

    I will be looking forward to a south florida meet very soon ! Cheers !
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