Early 2018 Florida Meet [Planning in Progress]

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  1. Zark
    I've Been pushing to have a meet on an old thread. Haven't gotten much traction so I thought I would just start another. Looking to try to organize a meet somewhere in Florida, I might have a potential location in Sarasota (about an hour south of Tampa) but I would need to look into it further.

    Is anyone else in the state interested? I understand that people are busy, especially generally around this time for various reasons (college for me), but it would be awesome to get a meet going.
  2. Jimster480
    Where are you in Florida?

    I as (I said in the other thread) am in miami.
  3. Zark
    I'm in Sarasota, about an hour south of Tampa. I don't mind driving but obviously a central location where other people are willing to go as well would be cool. Of course I still appreciate that you're offering your house as a location.
  4. Jimster480
    Ah one of my friends just moved back up there, but he certainly doesn't have a meeting place.

    That is quite a drive though, about 5 hours from here or more.
  5. Zark
    Like I said, I don't mind driving down to Miami. But of course it would be good to get other people to come as well.
  6. wazzupi
    I'm definitely interested my current setup is mimby la figaro 339 hd-650s I've previously owned a ton of cans but this has been my budget fitted end game for a while now, I will be receiving Isine 20s this week. I am wondering if anyone knows someone who does repairs on tube amps ? Im from Miami but I wouldn't mind going all the way up to tampa because this thing needs to get the volume pots fixed.
  7. Nutsid
    I'm a total newb when it comes to hi-fi audio, but this is the exact kind of meeting I'd be interested in having to learn from others who have been around for a while (and not just forum arguments). I'm in Jacksonville, and so long as I have the time off I don't mind driving a few hours away.
  8. Jimster480
    Not actually sure, I haven't seen any real Hifi Shops around miami.
  9. Zark
    I've come to realize that there are basically no hifi shops in the entirety of Florida... theres a few I've found through google maps but they seem to be more small shops where you need to make an appointment and less something you can just pop in to try hifi products.

    As someone who is relatively new to hifi headphones and hifi audio in general (less than a year) I'd love for you to be able to experience some equipment without outright buying it. The beginning of the journey is definitely the best part.
  10. Jimster480
    Yep I got super into Hifi stuff this year and I ended up buying a bunch of things to find out what I liked.
  11. Zark
    Same. I ended up kinda climbing the 'summit-fi' peak a little quick but I still loved it. Though if I was able to listen to something without buying it would have saved a lot of poor purchases (basically wading through mid-fi hell).
  12. Jimster480
    For me it wasn't too bad, I did alot of reading especially on the technical aspects of audio and made some key choices for upgrades.
  13. Zark
    Yeah I just noticed when you joined and how many posts you have, seems like a hell of a lot of research to me. There were a few people in the previous thread that mentioned they would be interested in doing a meet as well. One also offered their house a location as well but I think they were also in Miami.
  14. Zark
    I created a google spreadsheet to collect who is interested in going and what date would work best.

    Here is the link
    just add your head-fi name and fill in what does and doesn't work for you. I'd like to try to get a date nailed down at least.
  15. Nutsid
    Added myself to the spreadsheet.
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