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Earbuds vs In-ear headphones

  1. cpper
    Hello :)
    Are In-ear headphones better than classic earbuds ? Which one of them is better in sound quality and which in bass ? Which type do you prefer ? I need to buy new earphones because my old pair broke, but I can't decide what type to choose.Please help me :)
    Could you maybe help me here too ? http://www.head-fi.org/t/686006/earphones-advice
    It's awful without music :frowning2:
  2. vhobhstr
    If you can afford it, buy both. That way you can use whichever you're in the mood for. Usually I prefer the open sound of classic earbuds, but sometimes I want to use in-ear headphones (or, in my case, canalphones) to block out outside noise. Also, sometimes I want more bass, so I use the canalphones. When I start to get sick of the sound, I switch back to my classic earbuds. Another thing about classic earbuds is they don't get as much ear wax on them as in-ear headphones, so you don't have to clean them nearly as often. In fact, I clean my canalphones every time before I use them and after as well.
  3. cpper
    thanks vhobhstr :)
    i can afford just one pair :frowning2: You said that that the canalphones have more bass. But what about the sound clarity,do you preffer one of them for it ?
  4. vhobhstr
    My earbuds have better clarity than my canalphones. However my earbuds (Sennheiser MX880, MX980) are some of the best available, but with my canalphones (Sony MDR-NC13) sound quality seems to be second in importance to noise cancellation.

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