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Earphones advice

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Hello smily_headphones1.gif

My old headphones broke frown.gif so I decided to buy a new pair.

Please let me know which one of these you think is the best,I can't decide which one to buy...


+  Pioneer SE-CL501

+  Philips SHE3000

+  Philips SHE2000

+  Sony MDR-EX10LP


Thanks in advance,have a nice day ! smily_headphones1.gif

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...anyone ?

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You're going to have to tell us what you are looking for or what you like/genres of music.


You basically just said I'm looking to buy a car, please help.

1. BMW

2. Mercedes

3. Infiniti

4. Audi

5. Lexus

6. etc etc etc


see how no one can really answer the question?

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Well I listen to all kind of music...

I want a good balance between bass and music clarity...I know that the earphones I want to choose from are cheap,and I can't expect much from them. But please let me know which one of those you think is better.

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Do you happen to have an iOS device? There are some apps (like Accudio and Audyssey) that can really improve the sound of some headphones, including cheap ones. Audyssey in particular really helps with my Sony MDR-NC13.


I wouldn't buy the Sony MDR-E9LP because I've read reviews on Amazon that say that they're not as good as the model they replaced, the MDR-E10LP.

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Thanks for the advice,i deleted the sony's from the list.
I have an Android device frown.gif.
If you have got some free time,could you please take a look here ? ?
This is the shop I want to buy from. My budget is 50LEI.
Maybe you could find a good model,under 50lei on the site,maybe one you've heard something nice of.
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The only earphones I recognize at that site for 50LEI or less are the JVC HA-F150. They look similar to the HA-F130 which I have read good things about here on Head-Fi. However, the F150 is a newer model and it could be another case of the manufacturer messing up a good product.

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Thanks ! you helped me a lot ! i read some reviews on amazon,the average is 3.4 of 5.There are 150+ 1 star reviews,but most of them about people complaining that they dont recived what they ordered or that the earphones broke recently after first used.

the jvc's are on the list smily_headphones1.gif
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You're welcome!

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