Ear Pad Replacement for Ath Pro700 mk2?
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Aug 19, 2011
So i've been hearing some pretty nice things about the ath pro700 mk2 and that it has great bass, and decent mids and highs as well, so ive been planning to get myself a pair. The problem is, frequently I hear people say the ear pads/comfort on these are terrible. I still plan on getting them but which ear pad would work best for them? I've been considering the m50 ones as they only cost about 5-10 bucks but im open to other choices.
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I just got a pair of these to see what all the fuss was about, and they definatly are for the bass heads. I passed them around the office and two coworkers ordered a pair after listening to them. The only ear pad option I've seen is using the m50 pads. I'm going to order some and see how they effect the fit/sound. Right now they sound good for what they are intended for. The fit is tight for me, so hopefully the m50 pads will help with that. I plan on trying to stretch them out some too.
Found this thread w/ a review and some pad options. Enjoy. :)
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I just bought the LE ATG-pro 700 mk2, I'm currently pending receipt of the headphones. Meanwhile, I was reading up on the ear pad issues, if they cause a problem for me, I would like to change it. I was wondering if there is any possibility of putting the Grado ear cups on my ATH-pro 700 Mk2? I understand any is possible, I am specifically seeking the ease of doing so.
The Grado ear cups are very attractive and look quite comfy.
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Or the Beyer velour pads:
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Do the athm50 pads fit well as in no slipping off

Yes, it fits well. It might look a little funny since it's oval and not round like the original pads.
I thought people avoided m50 pads because of the heat and discomfort.

The M50 does heat up but it's better than the stock pads and way more comfortable. 
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The problem with the stock pad is that it's too flat. The stock pad is far superior to the M50 pad if you stick something underneath the pad to make it bigger. M50 pads are pretty mediocre as far as I'm concerned.

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