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DX220 Thread for software requests.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, May 6, 2019.
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  1. Hbreton
    Hi everyone , i am a new owner of a Dx220 . Tried to use it via bluetooth with my Bose Microsoundlink . The problem is that the large majority of my library can't be read (as it says "music not supported") . I guess it's beceause of the BT codec ? but anyway when i try to change it in the developper mode, nothing changes ...
    Only the non Hi res music (Flac 16bit) or mp3 can be read . Any solution to fix it and use any BT speaker? Thanks for your answers...
  2. otta56
    Can a PEQ be added to the Mango OS?
    Can the existing 6 band PEQ be increased to a more standard 10 filters?
    Increase the frequency maximum from 16 kHz to 20 kHz.
    Increase the range of maximum / minimum gain from +/- 12 to +/- 30
    Make the gain settings more granular from whole numbers to fractional gains in 1/10ths of a decibel (e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, ..., 1.9).

    Thank you.
  3. iMongui
    Can we have a way to interact/manage the player through a mobile? As you can do with Hiby or Fiio players that you can manage via bluetooth, something like that for those like me who start to play and then we save on a pocket, in such a way, instead of put in and take out over and over again, you just start 1 time and then you can manage it through your phone. There is a plan to implement something like that? Maybe a mobile phone app as the ones that I mentioned?
  4. kalo86
    Hi, I would like a function to change the brightness level. Usually I find that the best moment (for me) to listen to the music is during the night, when I am on my bed and I am surrounded by "nothing": no strange noises, no cars and vehicles running in the road close to my house, lights are turned off. When I turn on the display it will be a little hard to stay relaxed since the brightness level is too high.

  5. panasonicst60
    Paul stated that this is the lowest ibasso can make the brightness. Probably due to hardware limitations? Yes, I agree it is still too bright.
  6. kalo86
    Mmmh, I would say no because if you switch to the Android OS, then the brightness level is visibly lower than Mango OS.
  7. panasonicst60
    Maybe Paul meant in Android? If they can lower it more in Mango mode it would be great. Only @Paul - iBasso can clear this up.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  8. tunes
    Although I have found that deleting a song from a playlist can in some instances make it appear that the music file was deleted back in the Artist listing. However, after going out to the Directory view and navigating to the folder on the memory card the file was still there. Then when I returned to the Artist listing the song reappeared - so some type of bug/issue going on there - @Paul - iBasso - maybe you can ask the software folks to look into that?

    This happens to me as well and very disconcerting.
  9. otta56
    @Paul - iBasso . Hello, I would like to report a possible issue with the latest version of the software in MangoOS mode. When using the line-out of the stock supplied amp the DX220 will shut down after about 5 minutes and require a hard reboot. The line out volume after reboot shows the same level as before (e.g. 50 is still 50 after reboot) but the volume of an external amp is very faint until the volume dial on the DX220 is changed. Then the volume will return to its old level. If this happens to be high (e.g. 60+) the amp and attached headphones are very loud until the DX220 volume is reduced. This seems to be a software issue with the latest release (v1.12.149) but not the previous version (v1.11.140).

    Thank you
  10. Christoph
    Seems to be a software bug in Mango player but only in Mango OS (Firmware v1.12.149):
    (Works in Android mode)

    My Music - Artist, scroll down the list. Go back, then you are at the top of the Artist list, not at the place where you were before.
    Same behaviour in My Music - Genre

    For comparsion, in My Music - Album it works, then you are at the same list position as before.

    Would be a real improvement when you are at the same list position when you go back, independent which menu entry you chose. Under Android it works as expected (keeping the last position in the list)
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
    CobraMan likes this.
  11. CobraMan
    This is a big one for me as well - this and an alpha jump to rapidly skip down long lists...

    Let's hope there is an upcoming FW update to keep improving the UI experience.

  12. tunes
    There should also be a search function or way to jump to all Artists whose name starts with T for example.
  13. Hbreton
    Sooooooooo right !!! Search function is definitely missing!

    By the way under mango os, many albums thumbnails arent read but they are under android...

    And Still about bluetooth,i can’t Use any of the music that is Over flac 16/44 with my bower and wilkins T7 , as for the Bose...
    Is there any usable bt speaker?
  14. leftside
    I too have had many problems with bluetooth being very poor with drop-outs all the time. No such problems with my iPhone. I was hoping to purchase a decent of bluetooth headphones in the future, but will scrap that plan until bluetooth is improved with the DX220,
  15. Paulo Abreu
    @Paul - iBasso just one minor thing if you could pass to the software team...

    Unless I am missing something very obvious, there is no way to know the genre of the track currently playing.
    All the other information is there, sample rate, bit rate, artist album, track name length etc - genre?

    Edit: forgot to mention, Mango OS
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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