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Do you prefer headphones or speakers?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pedalhead, Jul 20, 2009.
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  1. Connnorrr
    Up until today, I would have told you headphones hands down having never heard high end speakers in a quiet environment with a quality source.. etc. Today I got to go to the only local audio place I've found in my area that had headphones to try. Got in and tried some RS2i's and the HD800's and was blown away at the quality, even though I don't consider my DT990's bad by any stretch. The guy who was walking me around asked if I was interested in speakers at all. Took me in to try out a lower cost high end set up, with some PSB towers and I was blown away at the sound. Just having listened to the HD800's for the first time, the experience with the towers alone was leagues better in terms of full the experience of music. Now I'm currently looking to save up for similar speakers for my place!
    I think each has its own place, unless you live in an area where you won't disturb anyone with your speakers, they aren't always practical, which is where headphones come in. At the same time, its really hard to beat the fun of feeling the music as well as listening to it.
    Btw if any readers are in the DFW area, and have a day to go into Dallas, check out Audio Concepts. The guys there were super helpful and patient, not trying too hard to sell me anything.
  2. richie60
    I started off with loudspeakers but still prefer my headphone setups, I can get lost I the music more easily and I'm not disturbing anyone else with noise.

    Why would I go to the trouble of building a BH Crack otherwise?

    Love my headphones.
  3. flargosa
    For high fidelity music with lossless playback, I listen to my H800s or Elear driven by my Chord Hugo to Ragnarok/Ear + HD(tube). For even higher fidelity. I listen to my GoldenEar Two or Klipsch Palladiums. I'm not sure it's fair to compare $4k speakers to $1k - $1.5k headphones though. In terms of sound quality it's not even close. A lot higher resolution, a wide 3d soundstage in front of you, huge bass you can feel, very natural and crystal clear highs, and vocals on another level. Downside with speakers is that you cannot listen to it anytime, when there are people or kids around the house, it is not as personal or enjoyable to listen to. Headphones, I listen to almost anytime and anywhere even in the office.
  4. richard51
    I am lucky enough to have the AKG K 340, they are extraordinary for reproducing the details of human voice with naturalness,then for intimate listening of voices I enjoy them... But my luck was to have Mission Cyrus 781 speakers on my desk for nearfield listening, and they are better than all my headphones on all count, except for the voices intimacy with the AKG K 340...I must say that it is imperative with speakers to treat the room, and my most extraordinary discovery is the treatment and cleaning of NOISE... Without using this isolation,damping,cleaning methods of mine i was never satisfied with any audio that I posess, even my actual gear...But this is out of the actual thread subject...Speakers in near listening field with atmospheric sound,holographic musical timbre is the way to go if we can...
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  5. richie60
    Mission 781 speakers are very nice. Had a few Mission speakers in my time and enjoyed them all! I find that headphone listening is so addictive more so than any speaker setup I've had. I have a few nice headphones now I my collection and wouldn't miss speakers at all.
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  6. SonyFan121
    Years ago I had so many speakers that my room looked like a hifi shop. I'm guessing around 10 sets of speakers compared to just 2 headphones. I had all types of speakers from tiny nearfield monitors to bigger bookshelf speakers, large standmounts and floorstanders. As I got older and no longer had the time nor space to keep the speakers, I got rid of most of them and kept just 3 sets. I now have more headphones than speakers (barely). To be honest I think comparing headphones and speakers is a bit like apples v oranges. I do enjoy the detail and resolution that expensive headphones have to offer, and my Denon AH-D5000 is a great alternative to a 5.1 channel surround sound setup for watching movies late at night, but I think for pure enjoyment and loudness, I prefer speakers.
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  7. bagwell359
    It depends. If I have the right room (26' x 18' x 8' min), right room treatments, right speakers (Verity Parsifals, ML CLS IIz's + Gradient subs, etc.), Pass electronics, Clearaudio arm on a VPI, Koetsu

    Problem is I downsized from my custom home and great stereo, the crummy 12x13 room w/ wall to wall carpeting I have now can't even handle my Triangle Celius 202's w/ ribbons.

    So, on a budget in terms of space and money, headphones are quite yummy, and a pair of old monitors (ProAc tablette's)
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  8. blackdragon87
    headphones at the moment
  9. KcMsterpce
    I feel pretty much the same way.
    I move a lot, so the cost, weight, and hassle of moving speakers is a big factor for me. I live in apartment complexes; sometimes I can play loud, other times (like now) I get noise complaints. Sometimes, I live in a large apartment (like now), and other times, I can barely fit my TV and speakers in the same room.
    Headphones provide me a very intimate listening experience, and I like the diversity of one headphone (and piece of equipment) to another.

    However, when watching movies, I am no longer happy without surround sound. I have Atmos, and it's great. So, too, is the joy of listening to excellent sounding 5.1 albums, like the Pink Floyd blu-ray audio sets. Wow, just... woah. A speaker setup with subwoofer provides a kind of enjoyment that I don't get with headphones. When watching movies, I prefer the open, airy sound stage that headphones just can't quite provide. Also, the way speakers react to the acoustics of a room can enhance the listening experience in ways that headphones don't.

    I love headphones, but there are times where I just want to listen to music/audio that fills the whole room.
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  10. SSandDigital
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