Do you prefer headphones or speakers?
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Speakers without question. There's not a headphone that can come close to the sound I get from my speakers. That would be followed by earspeakers (K-1000) which I prefer to all headphones, and then headphones and IEMs.

That being said the list is in reverse sometimes as to how much time I listen, but that's due to practical things.
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speakers over headphones. nothing presents the air/space, imaging, and visceral impact
like speakers. some headphones are very very nice but for long listening sessions with
friends, lover or yourself, there's nothing like a speaker system...

one thing i really miss is the bass vibrating thru my feet thru my spine thru my wooden floors...
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Speakers for me as well, though there is definitely an intimacy with headphones that is very desireable at times. Definitely for the bucks a really good set of headphones have more detail then equivalently priced speakers, but the speakers also tend to offer a better soundstage and a more visceral impact (speaking in generalities)

Then again, why are we all swarming this site? We should go somewhere else with a better speaker-like name.... *8^)
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Having been in audio exile for the past year (sold my NAD C542 and Gilmore Lite - ahhh student life) I'm going down the speaker route as soon as I get finances sorted. I've always felt that headphones are great because they're easy to use, take up barely any space and they feel so inviting, like a private show. But speakers are just more fun and lively. There's also the obvious point that you can simultaneously enjoy the music with people.

All that said, I did just buy a pair of Shure SE420, first audio related purchase in over a year
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For my purpose a dipole radiator is much more realistic than any headphone in terms of image soundstage and palpability.
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Speakers, That is an easy choice. Don't have the scratch to feed that habit. Do OK with the headphones though.
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Depends. Intimacy = headphones. Soundstage/surround experience = speakers. Listen to very nice speakers (thousands of dollars range) properly setup in a proper dedicated audio room = surreal. For bang for buck (in most cases, not all) = headphones. Depends on what aspect as I said.
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i have wilson alexandria in a listening room. mainly i listen to my guarneri memento's(op,is that what you have?) driven compliments of mr. mark levinson(when he actually built stuff). with a little rel sub.

i own what are thought of as some of the top headphones in the world.
to me there is simply no comparison. the loudspeakers blow away the phones in every respect.

headphones have there place for many. you must have a proper room to enjoy loudspeakers. plus high end loudspeaker setups are 10x the price of the finest headphones. also many like the intimacy that headphones provide. shutting out the world etc. i can just shut my door lol.

in fact, i am rarely here at head-fi anymore. due to the fact that i had to shelf/drawer all my headphones because of kittens

i have realised that i am not missing them at all. the headphones, that is.

the kittens cannot go where the wilsons are and the sonus's have there cables shielded in metal techflex. every other cord in the house is history.

i'll reminisce with the headphones one day. for now they are out of my mind.

this is just my personal taste. headphones still can and do provide a fine audio experience. really, it's like comparing apples and oranges. i don't really think it is apropriate to make this comparison. had i not been forced to shelf the headphones they would still have a prominence in my life.

i'll catch you guys in the future i guess.

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Thanks for all the replies guys, glad it's not just my ears! Another factor for me is that I'm not really the type to sit down & listen to music for the sake of OCD doesn't allow it so I like to be at my desk when listening, multi-tasking at other stuff as well. Simply due to the layout of the room, this means it makes more sense to use the headphone rig as my speakers are ~30ft away.'ve got some fantastic speakers there, I'd kill for a pair of guarneri mementos. My Fabers are the far more modest Concertos, which still sound beautiful to me. I also used to have a REL sub with them (before I built the IBs), and it integrated really well.

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