DIY/Custom Request: Audio Technica ATH-M70X Custom Headband

  1. dj2thirteen
    Have possibly a bit of an odd request from a head-fi peeker (rarely post, on/off viewer). So a relative of mine swears by the ATH-M70x's as of this moment for his own personal music mixing/editing ventures, doesn't dabble in full on monitors due to living with other folks in the same house. He's had a pair for about over 2 years know and has has major issues due to the headband design, most likely because of the way the swivel joints are placed (and possibly how he places them over his head, although i haven't noticed anything serious before) the right end of the head band has cracked/broken many a time. He's had to get it shipped out to Audio Technica 3-4 times during the warranty period and now with warranty up is looking for an alternative method to deal with this issue. He is not worried about the swivel but more so just being able to place them on his head with out having to deal with this repetitive issue every couple of months at a time. I've contacted various DIYer's and customizing folks either telling me they only focus on wiring or have given no response at all. Hope to hear back more so on how we can get this issue dealt with...other than the obvious option of getting a different model/brand. (Photos below)

    P1070806.JPG P1070812.JPG P1070817.JPG

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