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  1. Paladin79
    No problem, those are good irons and I use them on occasion and most are not as costly as a Weller station, I have one set up on the sinistral side of my workbench at home.
  2. Matt M.
    Hi all, new to the board. Just completed a mod of some Beyerdynamic MMX300's to a detachable cable. I reused the old cable for the cable because I have some questions about the best way to go about making a custom cable. So to start this is a headset so it uses five wires. Red, Green, Copper, White, and the Ground. in the stock cable the cable shield is used as ground for the mic so I guess really it's a 4 conductor cable and they're using the jacket as a ground. My next task is going to be make a fully custom cable and get rid of the stock one. I've already purchased 50' of Mogami quad mic cable so couple of questions:
    1) The female jack I mounted in the headset I've wired both the mic ground and speaker ground to the same pin, I see no way around this other than 4.4mm 5 pole jack which I can't seem to source and have never actually seen in use before, is this safe in the long run?
    2) I know that Mogami makes some actual 5 conductor cable, is any of that worth exploring I would be better off stripping the quad I have now and making what I need from that?
    2) What the best way to go about doing a 5 cable braid? should I twist the mic pair and sleeve as one? any suggestions here as this will be the first cable I make.

  3. Paladin79
    On star quad with a braid you do really have five conductors there counting the braid so you can use that for a common ground if you like. A lot of microphone cable is like that, two insulated wires and a braid. I am not sure what kind of 5 pole jack you are talking about but if you have a photo I can help. Hirose makes all sorts of good jacks and plugs that are compact but very reliable.
    I have not done any five cable braids so I will not address that.

  4. Matt M.
  5. Paladin79
    Yeah I am not sure about a female jack for that plug myself. That looks like a pretty large connector to be plugging into headphones. Look up Hirose four pin and five pin sometime, they are a lot smaller and readily available.
    A normal TRS connector has two wires and braid or ground, unless you are building cables for a balanced system a shared ground is the norm.
  6. kubig123
    you can find one kind at lunashops.

    if I remember right someone in the WM1A/Z forum was able to come out with a custom case for this connector.
  7. theUKMrT
    Hello all,

    I'm looking for someone in the UK able & willing to re-terminate a couple of iem cables for me (with a 2.5 mm balanced jack). Happy to pay obviously. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd much much obliged. Many thanks.
  8. NTK1
    So I made my first cable using Mogami 2534 but almost nothing went as planned. I bought 550 paracord to sleeve the main jacket which took a long time only for my y split cover not to fit. The pair of wiring going to my left side decided to untwist itself after I terminated it. I ended up buying 10 ft of cable just in case and have about 4.5ft left.

    My plan now is to remove all 4 wire and sleeve them individually, then braid. Mogami has the insulation measured at Ov. Dia.(mm) 1.6Ø (0.063"). So would i need type 95 paracord or there something better to stop the wiring from sliding?
  9. Paladin79
    I have not had much experience with twisted pair untwisting themselves but I have generally used paracord over such pairs.

    The 95 paracord sounds correct for that size wire, I have also used clear heat shrink tubing over twisted pair to keep the twists uniform. This is eight wire cable with four wires to each side. IMG_1927.JPG
  10. Allanmarcus
    Yes, 95lb. I get my stuff from Paracord planet.

    I have never understood how two wires twisted between the Y and the tips doesn't routinely come untwisted. For the cables I've made with 4 wires (two per channel), I've sleeved in nylon multifiliment. That said, a guy just posted the cable you are thinking about making to the DIY Cable Gallery thread.
  11. Paladin79
    Two wires twisted with paracord hold quite well. Without the paracord, or clear heat shrink tubing or the like, you will have issues. Often I will just switch over to miniature microphone wire at that point, cover it with paracord and it remains round, twists are inside the jacket and it makes for a very clean appearance. Oh and electrically it works quite well.

    IMG_1972 (1).JPG
  12. Paladin79
    Here is an example of keeping the integrity of the star quad cable together and still splitting for two channels using heat shrink tubing: IMG_1973.JPG
  13. gug42

    A little report :
    Classical Paracord 550 is perfect for the 4 wires of the sommer cable square4 mk2 :) great match.

    Paracord 550 is a little too large for 2 wires but not so bad :)
  14. Allanmarcus
    That sommer cable square 4-core mk2 cable looks really interesting. how flexible did you find the individual conductors? Is is really 102 strands per conductor?

    Have Inc has this cable, but their shipping cost is outrageous. I called to talk to them about it, left a message, and never heard back. I'm not impressed with them.
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  15. gug42
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