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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    something like this. White and silicon.
    I think foam might change the Ditas sound sig too much.
  2. APaudio
    Some use SpinFit. Some like it.
    I tried it. Sound isolation is better, but I don't like the sound. Stick to Dita's tips.
  3. Noobmachine
    I use the standard medium bore tips, but I've got Ortofons on the way. Fit and sound are fine, but the comfort after 3> hours is less than perfect.
  4. sonq
    Tried out the Answer and Truth at a show but were not overly impressed, but leaning in favour of the Answer. Tried the Answer again with a AK240 yesterday and is really impressed with the refinement and composure on complex materials. Really reminds me of Harbeth speakers - loads of harmonic details presented with natural tonal balance. Transients on piano hammers and guitar string plucks were all there but without over emphasis. 
    I was mightily impressed with the very musical and fluid Zero Doppio just before trying the Answer and though it's almost perfect for my taste, but this clearly stood out over the Doppio in terms of refinement and details yet remain very musical like the Doppio.
    I'm trying it now on my iPhone 6; still really nice and musical though well short of the AK240 experience.
  5. ExpatinJapan
    Yep. You need a great source to make great earphones shine.
  6. LionPlushie
    Any comparison between the Truth and the PFE 232?
  7. myap2328
    @sonq, I heard the answer and the truth both with the same material on the ak240 and I find the answer to be more technical in a sense while the truth carries a more analogue plus live feel. I did a review of the Dita truths and I find it greatly, edging out current Favourites like the 846 and w60
  8. Earbones
    I have The Answer, my brother has The Truth... I've been able to get some time with both. I don't mean to upset the Truth owners out there, but I have to say I think it's more of a sidegrade than an upgrade... The two phones are very, very similar. I tend to agree with myap2328's comments above... But the differences are very minimal, at least to my ears.

    I'd listened to my brother's Truth before I bought the Answer, and I can say that for me, the decision was based on two gambles:

    The first gamble was that the cable wouldn't have a meaningful impact on the sound. Unless my Answer radically changes after some more burn in, that's definitely how I feel after listening to both models back to back several times. Time will tell (about 100 more burn-in hours according to reviews I've read), but so far, so good. Neither phone really "wins" for me. They are two near identical shades of the same color, and I enjoy them equally.

    The second gamble was about microphonics. While the cable noise on my brother's Truth isn't terrible, it's not exactly quiet, either. I'd read some reviews online that claimed the Answer's Fat Cable did slightly better in that department. I knew it wouldn't be as durable nor have the bling factor of the Truth's Van den Hul cable, but I'll take quiet over durability any day. I haven't broken any of my IEM cables yet... Like Indiana Jones said, you know what a cautious fellow I am. Well, actually you don't. But I am. At any rate, that gamble definitely paid off. The Answer's Fat Cable has zero microphonics. As in literally none. I was actually finger-flicking it, rattling it against table edges, etc., all in effort to generate some microphonics, and nothing. It's probably the quietest IEM cable I own. For me, that makes it superior to the Truth's Van den Hul design. But that's me, and my specific needs. Some will accept a bit of microphonics for an uber-durable cord. Some others may feel the Truth's cable imparts a greater sonic impact than I am hearing, and prefer it for that.

    In short, I'm glad I picked the Answer. Saving the $350 was nice too... I just sold off my RL Concero HP, so with that cash and the money saved with the new IEMs, maybe I'll branch out in my quest for an iPad friendly DAC/Amp... Chord Hugo, perhaps? No. Not that much branching out. Not unless my college loan officer forgets I'm alive. We'll see what shakes out, though.

    Regarding that... Anybody have some suggestions for an iPad friendly DAC/Amp they enjoy with the DITA? I'm considering the Herus+, the HRT Microstreamer, and the LH Geek Out IEM 100... But I can't find confirmation that the last one will work without a Y-split USB cable and separate battery...
  9. sonq
    I only had a brief comparison between both at a hifi show and the Truth was way too bright for my taste. They had probably not been properly burnt-in but I doubt that would have reversed my impression of them. My short description of the Answer is on a model with over 500 hours of playtime.
  10. sonq
    Interesting that you mentioned about microphonics as the 1st impression when I switched from Doppio to Answer is this sudden feeling of silence; not that I noticed any background noise on the Doppio before.
  11. Idsynchrono_24
    So bizarre. I had both the Truth and Answer at the same time and hardly noted any difference between them at all. If I could do the whole Dita song and dance again, I'd definitely go with the Answer. The cable was really nice and supple but felt beefy, and it didn't have the annoying tendency to coil like the Truth's. The Truth cable was just too stiff and it drove me crazy. 
  12. myap2328
    The Truth is actually bright correct but it depends on what's your source, on the ak240 it was never harsh, just bright
  13. ExpatinJapan
    It would be good If people could add what source/player they used whilst using/demo-ing the DITAs.
    This makes a lot of difference to end result and impressions. ipod classic vs AK240 for example.
  14. Earbones
    MacBook Air with Resonessence Labs Concero HP, running Audiverna and Tidal.

    Also some listening straight from an iPad Air 2, running Tidal.

    They were surprisingly great from the iPad, although with the Concero, it was definitely another level of soundstage, bass impact, and separation. As my MacBook Air is on its way out, and I'll be working on an iPad exclusively until the new 12" Mac Air drops, I'm currently looking into mobile high-rez DAC/amp solutions...
  15. LionPlushie
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