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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. jollybob
    I've been trying to contact the folks at DITA (via their website) and I get no response. I see from other threads similar experiences - in some cases after orders are placed and no response.
    Are the DITA folks still alive and kicking? Are The Answer (Truth or standard) IEMs still shipping? Are folks having problems with contact or receiving shipments or getting refunds (if shipments don't happen)?
    I'm very interested in these IEMs and posed a question to Danny but didn't hear anything - I have only waited one day though so am not really concerned. Yet.
    My question - if anyone knows the answer - do these IEMs have very low leakage? i.e. can folks nearby hear what's being listened to assuming reasonably loud but not headbanger volume levels? This is important as I'd like to be able to listen in bed while my wife is sleeping - or at least on the couch while she's reading, but if she can easily hear a tinny version of what I'm hearing then it's a non-starter for me. If by chance these IEMs do have lots of leakage, are there other IEMs that are at a similar level (Westone, Shure, JH, etc.) that don't have any significant leakage?
  2. ExpatinJapan
    You'll see from a couple of posts back that DiTA posted in this thread yesterday, so yes they are alive and kicking.

    Also give them more than one day to reply to any inquries, be generous.

    I find the DITA to have low leakage.

    Not sure if they are an in bed IEM though. Maybe the Answer with the softer cable could be better than the Truth for in bed.
  3. jollybob
    Thanks! Both for the info about leakage and communications info with the DITA folks. One reason I've been more concerned than normal is that their website performance has been very flaky (slow and lots of failed page loadings) recently. So this coupled with some comments from at least one other forum user (that they'd actually placed an order but haven't heard back from DITA at all - no acknowledgement, even after 2 days) made me concerned. I'll give them some more time.
    Thanks again!
  4. Ditti
    Hi Everyone and especially Jollybob,

    Following your post, we looked into our web contact page and found that it wasn't sending mail to our mail server. We've got our IT people looking into it now. I'd like to apologize for that.

    You should have received an email from Desmond by now. For the moment I'd like to ask everyone to get in touch with us directly through desmond@DitaAudio.com , danny@DitaAudio.com, sales@DitaAudio.com . We are thinking the flaky and slow website response may have something to do with the emails that didn't make it to our mail server.

    As for the user who placed an order but didn't get a response from us, please do let me know about it and I'll look into it myself. There is a very slim chance of that happening, especially if he's placed a web order. All orders received on working weekdays are dispatched on the same day, all the time. Exceptions are national holidays in our area.
    Many thanks and apologies again. I'll keep everyone in the loop.
  5. jollybob
    Thanks D and D, for your quick response to this situation and to my questions!
    I just placed my order for a Truth version of The Answer (Yay!), and I did get responses from your website for my order - order number, paypal ack, etc.
    I'm very much looking forward to joining the club of DITA IEM owners!
  6. soundblast75
    The Truth are my God of headphones, ive literally dropped anything else in my collection, it's pointless to even get the big boys out:blush:
    In terms of tips used I can thoroughly recommend the Sony/vsonic type
    Thanks D&D.Awsome stuff!!!!
  7. audiofrk
    damn I now hate reading this thread I was all set up to buy these but I just recently bought a pono (for source) and it has a 5ohms output impedance.  Anyone have the Answer and getting a pono too, or is it just me?  I'll keep an eye on dita though.  I would be interested to see what the company could do with some closed over the ear headphones.
  8. Ditti
    Hi audiofrk,
    Guess what, I'm also extremely curious about this.  :wink:
  9. audiofrk

    Now i have something new to keep me up at  night.  Just when I thought it was safe to go onto forums. You guys have a twitter?
  10. audionewbi

    i hope this is not some late April fools joke.....
  11. ExpatinJapan
    Sounds rockin'! Dita over ear headphones.

  12. hebrewbacon
    Guys, I might have put the cart before the horse by buying the Truth before getting a good source. Any recommendations to pair with these in the <$400 range?

    I use Google Music, often on my Nexus 5, so bitrate is limited to 320kbps max and USB OTG support is crucial.

    Fiio E18?

    Headamp Pico? (I'm headed to Charlottesville, VA soon so could end up with the best from both there and Singapore)

    Any thoughts to help me maximize the amazing IEMs much appreciated!
  13. svyr

    why not try them out of the n5 but with poweramp or jetaudio plus?
    http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_nexus_5-review-1011p7.php n5 looks to have a good HP out.
  14. Sauntere
    Just how good is the bass quality on these ?  How well do the handle upright bass ? When listening to techno and house does the bass have that sense of propulsion that makes the rythme infectious ?
    With jazz vocals and female vocals in general how engaging are they and how detailed ?
    Also, where are you guys buying from ? Through the vagaries of international currency rates at the moment they can be bought from Japan for about $844 AUD delivered. Is there any danger in buying through Fujiya Avic ?  Hmmm tried ordering but it seems more complicated that at first glance.... back to DITA website.
    For those of you with enough experience, How do these compare to other top of the line IEMs ? I am mainly interested in a neutral signature and looking for refinement, sound stage, layering, all the usual hifi requirements.
    Finger poised over [​IMG] 
  15. Sauntere
    Just saw this... Hmmm why then when i try to buy on the DITA site are the Truth version $999 US ?
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