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DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

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  1. Noobmachine
    I will try my best to help here: 
     Hope this helps!
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  2. Sauntere
    Thank you very very much. That is a fabulous ANSWER so thank you for going to so much trouble with your reply.
    It's done...ordered... Anticipation now begins.
    Thanks again.
  3. christrz

    I was listening to a playlist of hiphop songs that require bass - Chris Brown, Drake, Usher, etc - and the bass response is really good and pulls you into the music. It's also a really well defined kind of bass especially if it's produced by live drums. I say this with the 846 as my reference. The bass response on the 846 was simply amazing but overwhelming and fatiguing for me. I currently also use the hd600s which have less bass than the Ditas.

    As for female vocals, and vocals in general, I'd say these are the Dita's forte. They are really quite good and very very detailed. Coming from the w4rs and asg2s, these are presented differently but just as well. I'd say realism characterizes the w4r, engagement with music the ASGs and texture/detail for the DITAs. The upper mids can get slightly sibilant on some tracks.

    I'm quite a fan of soundstage and although not apparent on first listen, the soundstage perceived after brain burn in is quite amazing. Slightly less than that of the ASG2s, but still really good. Definitely better than the westones/846.

    I got these in SG at their introductory price of SGD 629. But if I'm not wrong the introductory phase has ended/will be ending soon resulting in a price increase.
  4. Sauntere
    Thank you christrz, i feel even happier about having pressed the button.
    I am pretty sensitive to sibilance so that is a concern  but from what i have read the correct tip selection can overcome that.
  5. audionewbi
    All I know the disappointing factor if this IEM have been the lowest out of all my purchases, once you get to experience it the sound will leave you wanting for more.
  6. Sauntere
    I have been hesitating about buying a top tier IEM for a while but i think i have made the correct choice with this.
  7. audionewbi
    I hope and know you did. Long live dynamic driver iem, can't wait to hear ditas headphone.
  8. Currawong Contributor
    @Sauntere What will you be using them with? I put them on par, detail-wise, with my FitEar Parterres. They are both a bit behind my UERMs and the Roxannes. I need to use the AK240 and very high quality recordings to really notice though. 
    The overall signature of them has mid-bass which is a touch strong and intrudes a little, but being a single dynamic driver the quality of it is excellent. The treble peak is best suited to jazz and classical and I find it a bit hot on modern music. Experimenting with tips is important here. 
    They NEED a lot of burn-in (which is ironic as Van Den Hul's 3T cables, which the Truth is based upon) need only 48 hours at most.
    The fit is shallow, due to their design, so a few people with unusual ears (very small outer ear or people who need a deep insert) may have issues with them. The Truth cable is completely silent though the outer coating is very rubbery, which can be a little irritating as it holds a memory of how it has been wound after a while (but that can be fixed with a hair drier and some patience). The cable is better behaved than a regular cable in other respects -- less likely to fail, for example, due to the materials used in the design.
  9. Overkill Red
    I've had the Truth Edition for awhile, and coming from the multi-driver TG!334s I must say that single dynamic driver IEMs are a real coherency treat.
    It's sound signature is right up my alley too, which is nice.
    They've only got about 350+hours on them so far (about 100+ more away from the advised 500 hours), am looking forward to more improvements.
  10. Sauntere
    Thanks for your input.
    Well for the moment i will be using a Hisound Studio V 3rd Anniversary but that will change as soon as i can get my hands on the Calyx M. I know the Studio 3rd is probably not good enough for any TOTL IEM. If i don't get the M for some reason (like it gets terrible reviews) then i may go for a AK240 although i don't want to have to based on price.
    I actually considered a Universal Roxanne or some time and got really close to buying. It seems to have a good rep for sound quality on these forums. I checked out a few other sites though and read quite mixed reviews, some saying it was not very good at all. I think the terms muddy and dark were used. At least i got the impression they are from natural or neutral sounding.
    I have a pair of Noble 4s which are of a reasonable size and i have managed to get a decent fit with them so i reckon the DITA will be ok.
  11. audionewbi
    I am happy to report that out of my portable amp Objective 2 pairs best with Dita. 
    Currently running objective 2 and HUGO and comparing TH900 and Dita truth edition and Dita combo keeps me much more happy. I will admit that I like IEM more than headphone (I know crazy). And darn dita truth made it very hard for me to listen to my other IEM. 

    The only thing that I like in my other IEM is ER4S which still has the best treble out of all my gears ( to my ears). 
    Now my focus is to built a setup around dita truh and slowly sale of my other gears.
    Out of my DAPS I like to pair dita with colorfly C4. I am neutral on AK120 pairing, to my amusment I like ipod nano 7G pairing with dita much more than AK120. Infact that is what I use for my portable needs with dita.
    I've been using dita on daily basis ever since I've got them for my outdoor travels. So far everything about it remained incredibly durable. 
  12. ExpatinJapan
    I found it paired quite well with my touch 5G.



    My thoughts as well. How did you do the hairdryer thing? Does it last?
    My DITA are not a for sale version/so there are minor, very minor quirks. I have a bit of the coiling motion going on.

    I also have small outer ears and need a deep fit.
  13. Currawong Contributor
    If you can get them hot enough, yes, whatever shape you get them into holds fast indefinitely. 
  14. ExpatinJapan
    Thanks for the quick reply Currawong!
  15. soundblast75
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