Did I make the right choice buying Senn HD555's?
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Strange that, isn't it? If you order something and go looking on Google, no matter how well reviewed the item is generally, there's always someone who posts that it had the worst sound ever and he's sending it back. I've just ordered an Onkyo a-9555 integrated amp for my 650s, mainly based on reviews and price, but as soon as I placed the order I read two negative reviews in a row. I was heartbroken, of course, as you are; and then I discovered that the 9555 doesn't even drive its headphones through a resistor from the main amp but uses its own op amp based amp (one of the exceptions). Ha! I bought it to sample Class D sound only to find I won't be getting Class D but an op amp. So much for reviews. So much for the planning of mice and men. The truth no doubt is that Class D sounds much like A/B which sounds much like A which sounds like T because none of them grossly alters the sound anyway, and what sounds slightly worse on one recording may well sound slightly better on the next. It's a merry-go-round, folks, and we're on it by choice, and our young OP has just got on and is already enjoying the pangs of anxiety and delights of anticipation over his first purchase. There's only one question left to answer: why am I rambling on like this?


Because it's the Head-Fi way, that's why!
I totally agree. No matter what you pick you'll find somebody who doesn't like it, and of course you find something show-stopping wrong with it or else find something better ten seconds after you place your order. This hobby is indeed a merry-go-round, and it's all I can do not to get dizzy riding it. So far I've kept away from the snake oil, the hype (except for the M50--I think everybody gets caught by that one), and a lot of the drama, but I'm still just starting. Anything could happen.
To the OP: you're going to have to bite the bullet and start somewhere. I've went through three pairs before I found one I liked, and now that I have an additional set I'm liking quite a bit (my taste seems to have radically shifted and I'm finding my first keeper to be getting less and less use), that makes four. And I'm still not completely satisfied. The number of choices is mind boggling, and I know how it is to be bewildered by the array, but without amassing a few references there's no way to blindly pick the perfect headphone. Maybe you'll get lucky--the HD555 is a very well respected and liked headphone among beginning audiophiles, and it might be just what you're looking for. But, if not, don't sit on it hoping it will get better after two bajillion hours of burn in or whatever. Sell it or return it and move on.
That's my advice, at least. Take it for whatever it's worth.

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