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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. DeepSouth
    What I don’t understand from the z review video, he thinks the v2 fixed everything wrong with the Diana phi? I was under the impression that abyss just made the Diana v2 to be trickled down from pho’s comfort using the same headband and earcups?
  2. chimney189
    I’m glad that he posted this review, but he is 100% wrong about one thing — the build on the Diana Phi is EXACTLY the same as the V2, so no, the comfort isn’t “better,” although I do think that it is great for my preferences.

    Here’s to, hopefully, more purchases and impressions of this great headphone. :)
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  3. Hifiearspeakers
    That is correct. I think he was getting confused between the original Diana and Diana Phi. He also said that the V2 has the same driver as the original Diana, and that is wrong as well. Abyss upgraded the driver as well as the headband and earpads for the V2.

    But all that really matters is that he really liked the V2. He didn’t praise the V1 or the Diana Phi.
  4. DeepSouth
    I don’t think he was confused. He did a video review of the Diana phi, he complained about the fit.
  5. jlbrach
    kind of a clueless review
  6. CreditingKarma
    Would we expect anything else? Zeos is the person who thought the clears had bloated bass and compared them to beats and thought the massdrop elex was better.

    His reviews are good for entertainment. Also he didn't even use the stock cable. I find the stock cable on the 1266 to be better than the transparent ultra cable. There are folks on the 1266 thread that find the same to be true of the new Dana reference cables too. I think that he was leaving alot using the hart audio cables.

    Next is to see what he has to say about the 1266. I don't think he has a proper amp to drive them either. I really don't think the 789 is a good match for the 1266.
  7. chimney189
    I agree with Zeos' comparison between the V2 and the Phi... more bass, less sterile.
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  8. up late
    well it seems that the diana v2 has redressed the problem i had with the original diana's comfort, which is welcome. i thought that the diana sounded excellent so i'm interested in hearing how the revised tuning sounds. hopefully my local dealer will have one available to audition this week.
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  9. ajreynol
    Hey guys, thinking about picking up a pair of Diana V2's or Diana Phi's. My LCD-4's are a little too heavy for me to be my daily drivers at this point, so I'd like to drop weight but keep a similar bassy sound signature and sound stage. Could these work for me? Rig is in the sig.

  10. Hifiearspeakers
    Yes. The Diana V2’s have more bass than the Diana Phi, though.
  11. chimney189
    To me the Diana V2's bass is a bit different than the LCD-4. It is tighter, quicker and more lean. Although both do reach down to the depths.
    I wouldn't even consider the Phi considering that the bass is even more lean than the Diana V2's bass.
  12. ajreynol
    Well this is good news indeed. I'll need to hear the V2's and the big TC's and make a decision from there.

    I hate to think that I might have to fly to NYC just to demo a pair, but being down here in South Florida...no dealers means no way to hear them. And with no return policy that I can see, I need to know they will meet my needs before I'm willing to spend that much on them.

    Thanks for the confirmation, folks. I appreciate your thoughts.
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  13. chimney189
    I just posted a review.
    I hope it helps people get some insight into these great headphones.
  14. Joe Skubinski
    I wouldn't consider the V2 to have more bass relative to the Diana Phi, nor would I consider the Diana Phi to be bass light. What you may hear depending on the system is a difference in overall tonal balance between the two headphones (assuming they are being compared on the exact same system). Diana Phi is a bit more demanding in terms of system refinement. It may sound 'lean' due to a spectral tilt toward the highs typical of lower end gear. It's not the headphone, it's the system lacking proper tuning for the greater resolution of the Phi.
    The V2 is slightly more tame in this regard on the top end, designed to play nice with a wider range of gear (although still appreciates power on tap:).

    Keep in mind Diana Phi has the same driver that was in the 1266 (sans 3 mm) prior to TC, it's quite capable of delivering thunderous bass if the system is up to it. Put another way, if you play both on top shelf gear, as with any ABYSS bass is abundant when called upon.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  15. DeepSouth
    Link to your review please?
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
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