abyss diana
  1. royneo

    [€1900 off!] 9.5/10 Focal Utopia - Price dropped!

    Hi all, I'm selling an Focal Utopia with earpads and headband in excellent condition. Please note that is very slight paint wear on the headphone as found in the last picture. The overall condition is pretty much a 9.5/10. This Utopia was bought in June 2018 and the warranty would run until...
  2. billqs

    SOLD/TRADED Abyss Diana v1 with Phi Pads

    Up for sale are this great set of Abyss Diana original version with the inclusion of the Phi pads (which also come on v.2) which make wearing the Diana's much more comfortable. I've never heard vocals sound more "real" than they do with these phones. It's almost uncanny. I would love to...
  3. SinisterDev

    Saw this video about the Abyss ultimate audio setup today...

    He said he wasn't going to cry... So jealous right now lol..
  4. Vanheim

    [WTB] Abyss Diana

    Looking to purchase an used Abyss Diana for $1700. If you want to sell one please reach out to me.
  5. Maelob

    FS Abyss Diana Black

    FS Abyss Diana- 2nd owner, cups have some minor scratches but fully operational, selling because to be honest don’t use them enough and want to buy a watch lol. Single ended cable with all accessories and original box- no mor warranty if I sell them, but IMO worth the savings. If you want a...
  6. Music Alchemist

    Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

      http://abyssheadphones.com/abyss_diana.html   Thought I'd create a proper thread for the new Abyss Diana. (General rumors and discussion are in this thread.)   Things are going to get confusing, because most people refer to the Abyss AB-1266 as simply the Abyss. Now, we will have to...