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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. MaggotBrain
    The Hugo2 has the call of the siren song to be sure, but I worry about the crappy interface with the iPhone. Maybe if apple ever uses USB C instead of lightning - I had way less connectivity issues with USB c to my laptop than with lightning. 2 go can’t be released fast enough.....

    Ifi micro to Hugo sounds tantalizing - you get the power of IFi and the Chord laser like precision - but I don’t think even my Patagonia industrial strength hemp cargo shorts can handle that. I may have to break out the fanny bag - I could flip its backwards and look like Nicky Minaj with all that junk in the trunk!
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2019
  2. jlbrach
    it aint for ultimate portability....this combo is more for going off on trip for a period of time or visiting a summer home etc...surely not for the bus or walking around in the street lol
  3. Pictograms
    Do you remember what it was about the dx208 that you didn’t like with the Diana phi? I am thinking about amp 8 for the regular Diana, it pairs very well with amp 5 nice warm sound.
  4. MaggotBrain
    1A3C4E84-7C53-479C-954A-F6CD7AEEAFA1.gif The modularity of the Caiyin sounds intriguing - and the specs on the Ibasso DX220 look phenomenal although it seems to be sold out online.

    I live in Hawaii so it’s hard to demo equipment on site. I will be visiting the Pasadena area later this month so I may have the opportunity to browse a bit and fill my ears with audio candy.

    (Looks at DMPz1 reviews. Salivates...,.
    Sees the price tag)
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2019
  5. MaggotBrain
    Haha, I figured as much. I recently chucked my commitment to minimalism and poo pooing toting stuff around at work. I used to just use an IPad for typing - but on the new IPad Pro the number keys are literally the size of tic tacs and my fingers are the size of bratwursts so I broke down an got a mechanical keyboard with the USB c connection. What a night and day difference. So I probably break out the audio gear for taking the tedium out of end the day paperwork and bills as I have a bag for the keyboard and iPad already.

    So many possibilities. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I truly appreciate it.
  6. Alarickc
    It does if you side-load the APK version of the app. I use a side-loaded Qobuz APK and offline mode works.
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  7. rumina
    i used the dx200 with a blackgate moded amp8, enough power and sounded fine. vs the cayin n6 ii it's more a question about preferences, not better or bader. the dx200/amp8 combo is the winner on the technical side, a bit better resolution and soundstage, but the dx200 sounds like the diana phi neutral and has a reference sound signature (for me a tad to technical). together with the diana phi the cayin n6 ii which has a richer, tad warmer tone and nice music flow the cayin is for me more musical and engaging, completed the chain very fine. with the dx200 the combo sounds even with the modded amp a tad brute. imo if i listen primary opera/classic or great recorded albums the dx200 would be my choice. but with a lot of genres and often compressed and not well mastered albums the cayin n6 II is for me the better choice.
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  8. MaggotBrain
    Those were the magic words. Placed my order this morning. $500 budget be damned - the 1266 taught me that Abyss products love power like a DC politician. The thing looks like a metal plated brick so I figure it’ll last a while. Once again, thanks all for the help treading these murky waters.
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  9. Alarickc
    Some long overdue initial thoughts on my Diana Phi:

    Wow, just wow. The Diana Phi +AK Cube is 80%+ of my full vinyl rig with the TC. I wasn't expecting that. It's probably closer to 90%+ if I discount soundstage size. Tonality is exactly the same, neutral but energetic throughout. Transient resolve is as good as the CC and 90% of the TC. Overall, this portable sounds better than every non-Abyss 'phone I've had the pleasure of listening to. I'm listening to the Horace Parlan Blue Note Sessions on Mosaic CD right now as I type this, and it's like Stanley and Tommy Turrentine are standing (six inches tall) a foot-and-a-half from my head. It's eerie in the best sort of way.

    A pic of my custom purple cans on my noggin:
  10. Litlgi74
    Congrats on your custom Diana's... They look cool!
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  11. lockjaw
    Love my D-Phis.
    Sound just like the 1266 PHis with less bass and not quite as spacious... otherwise, about the same. Given the user-friendly form factor, I think these may be the best headphones I've ever owned.
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  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Sitting down with the Diana V2 on a lazy Saturday afternoon (after one crazy/hectic week) out of my Hugo2 and the new Abbey Road 2019 Remaster on Qobuz and I have a smile from ear to ear. Joe and team have created what I consider to be one of the very best portable headphones on the planet. This portable combination can rival most top flight full-sized desktop setups out there. The tonality is spot on, the detail rendering is off the charts and the musicality is stellar! Plus I came across a great video here on the differences between the Diana and Diana V2:

    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  13. jlbrach
    they would be the best portable headphone in the world if they were a bit more efficent and easier to drive....other than that yes fantastic
  14. MacedonianHero Contributor
    The Hugo2 does a phenomenal job with them and they sound pretty good out of the FiiO X5 MIII. I almost exclusively use my Hugo 2 with them though.
  15. jlbrach
    I find they strain the hugo 2 a bit but yes they sound fantastic
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