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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. Mimouille
    Well I haven't tried to drive big cans, but for my SE6, which are 130ohms, barely need 30% of volume at low gain.
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  2. terry1109
    i am on the opposite side, the 3.5 lineout quality is my main motivation in getting this player.
    But adding a balance 4.4mm output would definitely be interesting
    i wish they could add 4.4mm lineout/phoneout in their future product, so i can attach balance amp to the player.
    let's hope the manufacture would notice the trend and come out something really interesting in the future.
    However, as an 3.5mm jack user like myself, i would say this player is the TOTL player for me.
    it's more tone natural and transparent than all the player i have demoed.
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  3. daorenmi
    Thanks in advance! I am not care about balance. Lineout is useful to me, I prefer use lineout to my AMP and loudspeaker. How about the software? If easy to crash or run slowly when play APE or m4a will not in my list.
  4. xuan87
    I guess that makes me the weird one lol... I don't care about balance or lineout if that will result in a light and smaller player, a better sound quality, or a lower cost. I use my DAP as a DAP strictly, have never used it as a lineout device or USB DAC unless I need it to test something, like recently to test if my active speakers were working.
  5. Mimouille
    I care zéro about balanced as long as the sound is there. Balanced is often a gimmick, especially for DAPs. But I would like to avoid changing cables all the time.
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  6. davidcotton
    Still think they missed a trick by not calling it the deathray
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  7. terry1109
    i would say that the firmware seems quite stable
    and its quite snappy without much lag
    Which is a big well done considering that the player uses a custom Linux OS
    However, the screen is a little small for my liking.
    it would be better if they use touch screen instead and make the screen bigger.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  8. daorenmi

    WOW, It's really a great DAP for audiophile, The Graphic User Interface is simple and reaction very fast. To my surprise, I copy all my collections into SD card. it took only 5 minutes ,all the 14,000 songs was indexed accurately. The sound quality is amazing, such small box can driving my K701 easily and the soundstage is more spacious than sony wm1a. I think it 'sa opportunity to say goodbye to my sony BDP-S5100 blueray and CD disk now.:)
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  9. audionewbi
    What really has gotten me interested is how they use two different power source, one for OS and other for the analog circuit.
  10. fzman Contributor
    I thought it was an analog-digital split. So ground noise would not cross-contaminate.
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  11. terry1109
    Info i found from the official website
    DTR1 adapts dual high-density battery customized power system, designed for High-Fidelity while ensuring separation of digital and analog power to eliminate circuit noise from the source, alike an enhanced DAP + Amplifier system but with a minimal path and hard soldered joints with no compromises.
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  12. Max45090
    can you upload some pics of the UI(menu,settings,etc..)
  13. daorenmi
    Maybe using one power source has noise between digital and analog circuit. Just guess!
  14. terry1109
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  15. fzman Contributor
    Mine arrived today - aI am just starting to put it through its paces, but so far, it is soounding quite impressive. Took a moment to reset the language to English, as I do not read Chinese......

    Have a 400G Sandisk card in there, loaded with wav files (I pulled it from the QA361, so I'd have the same music to reference. So far I have used my Sennheiser IE800s, Campfire Solaris, (walk and coffee shop), and at home tried my Final Audio Pandora Hope VI, Focal Utopias, and a quick listen with my Nordost Heimdall 2 wired Meze Empyreans.

    The DTR1 drives them all, clearly shows their differences, seems equally at home with each of them. More to follow as I live with it for a few days. No regrrets so far- this thing is what Mim said it is.
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