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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. terry1109
    Thanks for the update, looking forward for a proper leather case.
    The DIY i made is a little tricky for daily usage, lol
  2. terry1109
    I was looking for the alien+ replacement for quite sometime and the qls361 was one the potential candidate. However, the qls361 is a little warm & muddy for my liking, as I prefer a more clear and transparent sound.
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  3. daid1
    wait, did you have try both?
  4. terry1109
    I own a set of alien+ and demo qls 361 multiple times. I was extremely tempted to grab a unit of qls 361 and turns down the purchase due to the over whelming warmth and muddiness of the sound signature.
  5. daid1
    oh for me this is a no, i was thinking to go with a screen dap, coming from a Nuansa P1, I was looking for an used QP1R, QA361, and now that one, but if the QA361 is very warmth is excluded from my list
  6. daid1
    can I ask you about the power output of the DTR1 compared to Alien+, and if you rememer also the QA361?
  7. fzman Contributor
    My condolences on whatever you have been listening to that is so sizzlingly bright and edgy that you find the 361 warm and muddy! :dt880smile: I find it quite open and natural sounding with acoustic music, and plenty fast for metal. I'd be curious to know what music you listen to, what cans/iems you use, and what daps you find acceptably 'non-muddy'. I'm also curious what settings you used on the 361.
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  8. newtophones07
    Odd choice to release this with the 4490 vs the 4493 in 2019. The price is pretty high for a single dac cheap, no balanced option, limited software, and very little detail from the seller.

    Certainly surprised of the impressions vs the wm1z, I'll keep my eye in this one, as the software improves.

    Does it work with 512gb micro sd cards
  9. iJay
  10. Mimouille
  11. terry1109
    Thanks for sharing with the leather case, the cut out for the control panels looks a bit excessive. But a warm touch to leave vents holes at the back to avoid overheating.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
  12. daid1
    So, news from the field?
  13. Mimouille
    It's still awesome. What more to say?
  14. TSAVAlan
    Got in my unit recently, and just got back my UE18+ last week from UE. Excited to give it a listen!
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  15. anyone007
    This may sound weird but, is it better to get this for an upgrade rather than a used QP1R or WM1A? I'm into "natural" sounding DAPs now after hearing the two. Currently, I have the DX120, it is very good but it lacks the natural sound, realism (or whatever you call it) I'm looking for.
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