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Denon 2000 questions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by danquoc, Oct 9, 2012.
  1. danquoc
    Hey, I'm interested in buying the Denon 200 because of the reviews I hear about them. How good are these actually? I have a pair of M50's that I love and I'm wondering how superior the 2000's are. How does the sound quality hold up and how is the comfort of it? Are they worth the money? I listen to hiphop, rock, alt rock, pop and use it on my iphone no amp.
  2. KT66
    really comfy. anything will drive them, they always make me smile, and I am beginning to prefer them to my old HD600s
  3. miyinan
    from my experience (i owned both M50 and D2000). D2000 is better overall and will benefit more from an amp. Without an amp, I don't think D2000 is better (at least not enough for the price difference). Comfort wise, I personally think M50 is a bit better just because D2000 is heavier. And don't forget that M50 is much better in sound isolation.
    Without an amp, I will go for M50 for sure.
  4. TwinQY
    The overall frequency response between the two is sort of similar, I would say. Slightly emphasized bass throughout, that's not dependent on a mid-bass hump (D2000 extend further); level mids that can sometimes be overwhelmed by the rest of the sound, though not recessed by any means; Another emphasis on treble, both sparkly and detailed. The D2000s on paper would seem to be the logical upgrade to the M50s. You would have to try them though to find out. The D2000s are vastly more comfortable (the pads, oh yes, the pads), but lose in isolation and leakage. Relatively easy to power as well.
  5. Zoom25
    Comfort - 9/10 (sometimes loose, but nonetheless very comfortable)
    Worth the price - depends on how much you can get them for? I paid little less than $300 with everything included. It was completely worth it
    Sound quality - Great all rounder, awesome sub bass. Hip hop, pop and rap are really good on this. Rock, electronica and other faster genres are pretty nice as well although sometimes I wish for more speed. Also since they are somewhat drier sounding to D5000, they make excellent cans for watching movies. 
    Amp - Sounds fine straight out of my Sansa Fuze and IPod Touch 3rd generation.
  6. Zoom25
    Consider an E11 or E10, depending on your needs
  7. Origin89
    The D2000 is a great all-arounder headphone and a clear step up from the M50. It sounds good un-amped, but really benefits from my Leckerton. It's such a lush headphone - like a cloud of sweet honey.
  8. talisman42
    These do sound great. Not many people mention the fact that the semi-open nature of the D2000 contribute to comfort because it doesn't heat up your ears like other closed cans. This is ideal for longer listening sessions and non-audiophile audiences using them for movies etc. Another good alternative is the Creative Labs Aurvana.
  9. Zoom25
    Their soundstage is also one of the best for closed cans since they aren't sealed, and hence why the leak. 
  10. sikki-six
    I own both. D2000 is clearly superior in every sense, but isolation. Bass is much clearer and it does the sub-wooferish low rumble much better. But the biggest difference must be in the higher regions. Mids are actually very good, unlike the M50's. Treble has some boost with both, but the Denons are clearly more natural to my ears. Sound-staging isn't really a competition to start with: D2000 wins easily. It doesn't really sound like your typical closed can at all.
    M50's sound like a "normal" closed can with artificially hot bass and treble. D2000's have a sound that is not typical to closed cans - it's quite open yet it has that slam in the bass-department too. With a slight bass-cut EQ one can do wonders with Denons. If you want the sound of a good sub-woofer in headphone-format, go with the D2000's. Those phat Dre-beats & all simply kill :)
    Even the Beyer DT770's have a much more open sound compared to the AT's. There simply isn't much air in the M50's sound. Even the Creative Aurvana Lives offer a better openish sound than the much more expensive M50's... That's one hyped can, if you ask me :)
  11. HamilcarBarca
    Weren't the Denon D2000, D5000, and D7000 discontinued recently?
  12. Origin89
    Yup. Denon's relationship with Fostex expired.
  13. Empire1
    You can still buy a pair of D2Ks on Amazon, but they're marked up to $399. 
    I grabbed mine when there were exactly 4 $319 D2Ks left. You're not really getting the best deal, since that extra $80 could be spent on an amp. I would still highly recommend them as they are my absolute number one favorite headphone, and definitely a huge step up from my M50s, which are now gathering dust from disuse. 
  14. RushNerd
    If you are going for bass the denon drivers/cups are one of the best experiences by far. Do buy used though as they are discontinued now.
  15. Zoom25
    +1....Used off the head-fi forums here can get anywhere from $200-$250 

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