DC Area Head-Fi Meet - Next

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    Happy New Year everyone! I can host at the Kentlands (Gaithersburg, MD) again if the interest is there. The Carriage House is free but kind of tight on space, the main Clubhouse is spacious but costs $50 per hour, 2 hour minimum, plus $85 cleaning fee.
  2. lcasadonte
    I grew up in phila pa, live in va and work in ri. I helped organize a boston meet recently and would be willing to host a meetup at my home in northern va if we could make the dates work. I have direct family still in phila pa but dont get there as often as I should. Love to get to meet some va folks one way or the other,
    We are due for a NoVa meet!

    Do keep in mind that we can have up to 50 people coming. That is a parking consideration and more than half will require table room to set up their gear.

    Everyone has been great in helping to pick up and do some light cleanup after previous meets, this is not a messy group, so I have minimal concerns about that potential issue.
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  4. gandhisfist
    The george mason library is usually a good bet for a meet that size.
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    GMU is a good location, though I think they charge $3.00 per hour for parking on campus, maybe for use of rooms as well?
  6. sheldaze
  8. sheldaze
    No problems!

    Also preliminary, scheduled a meet for next weekend:

    Oakton Library (you hear that @thyname - and hopefully a few of your Facebook friends)

    Place: 10304 Lynnhaven Place, Oakton, VA, 22124
    Time: 11am - 4pm
  9. thyname
    Great! Will drop by Saturday, will check out the radios you mentioned as well!
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  11. willsw
    I need to check this site more often, completely missed this. The Facebook group is coming by the shop to chat with David Berning on Saturday and we're hammering away on prototypes, but I don't know if there will be any headphoney stuff ready.
  12. sheldaze
    Is it possible a different event? I have it in my Facebook feed as being Sunday.
  13. willsw
    Oh jeeze. You're right, it's Sunday. I don't know what's going on.
  14. thyname
    It think there are two - Saturday and Sunday
  15. sheldaze
    I thought the two were just different times on Sunday?
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