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DC Area Head-Fi Meet Planning (ongoing)

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  1. kendavis
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  2. sheldaze
    A thread about threads. I like it [​IMG]
    I believe this is to benefit @mralexosborn. So what's of interest to hear? Tubes? Solid-state? The latest word in R2R? A particular headphone? 
    Logistics-wise, I think we're getting better at this [​IMG]
    There are several libraries available on the VA side, which are easier to schedule than the BIG-MEET library. And depending on availability, many of us have been quite happy to head to Urban HiFi on the MD side. It's not straight off the highways, but it is quite nice! And there are many good places to eat nearby, if anyone wants to try for a lunch before or a dinner after.
    I would prefer a Maryland Beltway location close to the VA line like Bethesda, Rockville or even Gaithersburg if we might draw people from Frederick.
  4. sheldaze
    There appear to be rooms at the Bethesda library, but limited to 8 people, and 2 hours. Gaithersburg seems to have rooms for up to 12 people, but it is not clear from their web filter, which lists largest rooms at 5-8 people. Perhaps try for Gaithersburg, and find out what rooms are like?
  5. kendavis
    There are rooms to rent in the Silver Spring Civic Building at Veterans Plaza. Even the smallest rooms are large enough to host a pretty large* headphone event. At $25/hour, a 4-hour event at $8-$10 per person (maybe less if enough people come) might be feasible. I don't have the time now to set this up or to research it. I just wanted to throw another option into the mix. I have attached their documentation if anyone else wants to have a look.  
    *Colesville Room or Ellsworth Room (divided): 24x27 (648 sq ft), standing: 32-60, conference style: 20-30, reception: 30-45
  6. kendavis
  7. mralexosborn
    Tubes are my primary interest. No headphones particularly but having been out of the loop for a while, I'd be interested to hear any newer models. I'd be able to bring a pair of HE-400's and maybe even my vintage Sansui. 
  8. kendavis
    I'm afraid to say this, but I'd like a chance to more extensively compare MZ2S (w & w/o Illuminati p/s) with a Liquid Gold
    It would be helpful to know how many people would benefit from a location in Gaithersburg, MD rather than one of the Beltway communities. Will we draw Head-Fiers from say Frederick MD, as well as locations closer to the Beltway if we locate further north along I-270? Weekend traffic in the winter is not a hassle but weekday rush hours are brutal no matter where anyone is coming from, so I think a Saturday get together makes the most sense around here.
    Some suburban Maryland options -
    I looked at the rental rates for Glen Echo, a National Arts Park in MD that is really close to the American Legion Bridge crossing the Potomac, and they start at $140 for 4 hours for a room that will hold 30 people.
    Checking around for availability to hold a listening session further north in Gaithersburg, MD it looks like we can use the Carriage House in the Kentlands without any rental or cleaning charge, so long as we don't have a lot of trash, meal leftovers and the like.
    321 Kent Square Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878
    Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM
    This small building can hold 30+ people and has tables, chairs, good amount of power outlets. Free on street parking. One advantage is that the Kentlands has a wide variety of restaurants in the community, including a very good and very inexpensive sushi restaurant. The Kentlands is a very nice planned community (New Urbanism) to go for a walk around before or after the meeting for those who are so inclined.
    We would qualify for the Local Non-Profit Group Hourly Rate if we opt for using a meeting room at one of the libraries in Montgomery County, MD, budgeting $15 per hour. Most have free parking for two hours.
    Some of the closest to VA branches are closed for renovation. The closest one to VA would be in Potomac, which has the real advantage of hassle-free no-fee parking. Downside is that food options in that location are limited to a few overpriced restaurants and pizza and beer joints. Very close-by Vie De France bakery has pastries, sandwiches and very decent coffee but no seating area.
    Potomac Library
    10101 Glenolden Drive 
    Potomac, MD 20854 
    Monday    10 am–8 pm
    Tuesday    10 am–8 pm
    Wednesday    10 am–8 pm
    Thursday    10 am–8 pm
    Friday    10 am–6 pm
    Saturday    10 am–6 pm
    Sunday    Closed


    Facility Amenities

    1. Small meeting rooms (in some locations) seat up to 49 people
    2. Medium meeting rooms seat from 50 - 99 people
    3. Large meeting rooms may seat 100 - 160 people
    4. Table, chairs and projection screens are available
    5. Pianos are available at Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Gaithersburg, Marilyn J. Praisner, Rockville, and Twinbrook





    Small Room
    Medium Room
    Large Room

    * Montgomery County based non-profit organizations

    Activity Restriction

    1. To be eligible to use a Montgomery County Library meeting room all meetings must be free and open to the public - private events such as birthday parties, weddings, receptions, etc. are not permitted in libraries.
    2. Light snacks and beverages are permitted in the meeting room only; meals and heated foods are not allowed.
    3. Please review the  Rules and Regulations prior to applying for use.

    Apply for Use Permit

    1. Go to Active MONTGOMERY

    Submission Window

    Government AgenciesSubmit beginning September 15thSubmit beginning March 15th
    Local Non-profit groupsSubmit beginning October 15thSubmit beginning April 15th
    Out-of-County Non-profits
    Commercial/For-profit groups
    Submit beginning November 1stSubmit beginning May 1st

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  10. yage
    If there's a consensus for Gaithersburg, then I vote for the Carriage House. I'm all about free.
    I am tending toward this location as well, even if it is a bit north of the Beltway, 20 or so minutes drive time. There is a lot more flexibility on hours and the surrounding area has lots of options for food and drinks. 
    How about best dates and times for everyone? We should lock that in to make sure that any facility has availability.
  12. sheldaze
    I'm good starting in March - 4th, 11th, 18th are all great weekends for me! Saturday and Sunday both work.
    Would love to try the new place - sounds quite appealing!
  13. kendavis
    All 3 weekends Sheldon mentioned are fine for me too.
  14. HiGHFLYiN9
    Not often on HeadFi but hoping to keep in the loop
  15. doukhobar
    I could come to any of those weekends in March, but never a Saturday. Maybe a Sunday?
    Thanks for the consideration!
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