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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. brownstd
    I took a few photos of some other tubes I like and recommend (quite a few pics and quite a few tube recommendations--especially 6SN7 substitutes).....however, I couldn't figure out how to upload pics (I gather this is b/c I'm a "new head-fier" and need to reach a certain number of posts before I can do that :). I've been a Head-Fi "taker" for a number of years (I've spent countless hours learning from a variety of forums....Little Dot 1+, 6SN7 reference guide, and the epic orthodynamic roundup thread to name a few), but I haven't "given" much....so I guess I have to earn it :)

    Anyway, here's a temporary work around. I left an identical post on Massdrop complete with images and recommendations. CLICK HERE to go directly to it.

    (.....as I scrolled down to click "post reply" I noticed an option to "upload a file." Is that the way to insert images into a post?)
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  2. Shroomalistic
    Yes upload the pic then attach as thumbnail
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  3. sennfan83261
    Thanks for yet another informative article. I picked up a few 6c8's based on your recommendations. However, after looking at the sale prices of Tung-Sol VT-99's here over the past several years, I wouldn't call their price rise recent. :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  4. brownstd
    Yeah, I suppose that's true. I guess I lucked out....got mine for about $25 a little over a year ago. :wink::wink:
  5. Xibipiio
    I recently tried a Tungsol 7236, and it’s definitely the best of the 6as7G variants I’ve tried. Every 6080 I’ve heard has been thin and solid-state sounding, but the 7236 is really nice - a little brighter and more detailed without losing the rich harmonics of the RCA 6as7G. For me, it’s this or the good old cheap 6as7G. I’ve not had the desire or the scratch to try the really high priced tubes.
  6. JKDJedi
    I have the Western Electric 421A (Domino Plates, Bottom Getter) and that one is very special. My top 6AS7 replacement for sure. (6AS7G tube rollers thread) thread here at Head-Fi lists the 7236 as SS Sounding..and the 6080 as Wide Soundstaging with Great vocals.. I can vouch for the great vocals part, have two 6080 tubes and like em both, one a Mullard, and yeah they don't have much of that "Tube" sound really, I'd love to have the Tung-Sol 7236, seems to be the "must have" tube, just need to wait a bit. (vacation plans have me all tied up) :frowning2: #firstworldproblems

    6080 - low gain @ 2- great vocals, wide soundstaging

    7236 - medium gain - great bass, fast and dynamic. Almost SS sounding

    5998A - medium gain in straight bottle. Plate construction like 6AS7.

    5998 - medium gain at 5, full-bodied sound, same current load as 6AS7

    421A - same as 5998 but with matched plates/sections

    6AS7G - low gain, the standard tube for most, plentiful

    6AS7GA - low gain, like the standard 6AS7G in striaght bottle

    6520 - premium 6SA7G, sometimes with 5998 plates

    6H13 - russian 6AS7G equivalent. nothing magical with these

    ECC230 - european 6AS7G equivalent. haven't seen one in person

    6528 - equiv to 5998 but very high gain at 9, twice the current load. Make sure you amp can handle it

    6336 - like 6528 but low gain at 2, still twice current load. Make sure you amp can handle it
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
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  7. JKDJedi
    0405191734a.jpg WInged C 6H13C w/ Philco 6SN7GTB.... Some "bargain" goodness...now playing.. :) What's in your Darkvoice? #WeekendIsHere
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  8. adeadcrab
    most 6080's (looking at you, 6080WC that fireworked on me after a few days) are not even solid state sound, thin and weak imo. 7236 is prob my fav, glad that so many others here agree :)
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  9. JKDJedi
  10. Shroomalistic
    Got my Tung Sol 7236 and my hd6xx today. The hd6xx goes so well with the darkvoice. Kinda like my emotiva and argons.

    Really liking the Tung Sol 7236 and silvania combo. I don’t feel the need to buy anymore tube
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  11. adeadcrab
    7236 are great, no question. how much are they going for nowadays? I *only* have 4 pairs of them on hand :L3000:
  12. Xibipiio
    Bought one on eBay recently and paid about $30.
  13. ggillies
    Another slightly strange place you can find some decent Tube bargains, is Etsy!!... Who knew????
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  14. JKDJedi
    The "Black Treasure" has a nice tone to it, really crisp in the highs, and tight mids, bass rolls well, very smooth.

    Shu Guang CV181-Z

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  15. DarkDrummer
    Hi! I'm new here, so bear with me! Have you ever tried any "Psvane" Treasure Tubes?? Well not treasure but Classic Grade, CV181-T Mark II Tubes. They replace CV181, 6SN7, CV181-Z. I picked one up on amazon for $86.00. Not done burning-in yet but so far this tube kicks some serious ASS!!! Anybody out there know how reputable this company is???
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